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Easy Tips for your Next Resume/CV

Creating a good resume can be stressful, but it’s crucial for getting noticed by recruiters. This guide will help you and others create an effective resume that stands out.

  • Keep it short and sweet:

     Aim for 1-2 pages, depending on your experience. Attach any extra qualifications at the end.

  • Organize clearly:

     Put your latest roles first, going back in time. Separate student and nursing experience if you have both.

  • Be specific:

     Include dates (month and year) for each job, even short-term roles. Honesty is key.

  • Explain gaps:

     If you took time off (for children, personal reasons, etc.), state the dates and briefly explain.

  • Show your commitment:

     Specify whether you worked full-time, part-time, or casual in each role. If your hours changed within a job, note that too.

  • Get to the point:

     Recruiters are busy, so use bullet points, short sentences, and clear descriptions of your responsibilities and skills in each role.

  • Start strong:

     Introduce yourself with a brief summary at the top, highlighting your career goals and key strengths.

  • Education matters:

     List your degrees and qualifications with dates earned. If you’re still studying, mention that it’s ongoing.

  • Highlight your skills:

     Focus on clinical skills relevant to the role you’re applying for, like blood gas analysis or patient monitoring.

  • Proof is essential:

     Double-check everything for typos and grammatical errors.

  • Show, don’t tell:

     Attach copies of certificates and licenses mentioned in your resume.

  • Stay relevant:

     Only list nursing experience related to the specific role you’re applying for.

  • Pick strong references:

     Include at least one manager and another experienced professional who can vouch for your skills. Get their permission beforehand!

Ready to shine! Use these tips to create a resume that grabs attention and lands you your dream nursing job. Good luck!

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