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Ever wondered about your potential earnings as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, or Mental Health Nurse in Australia? Your salary is influenced by your years of postgraduate experience.

A registered nurse in Australia earns around $79,550 per year (approximately $41.00 per hour). Entry-level positions typically start at $76,063 annually and can go up to $97,568 yearly. In addition to your salary, enjoy a minimum of 4 weeks of paid annual leave and superannuation at 10.5% (from 1 July 2022).

The average salary for nurse managers and Clinical Managers is approximately $115,000 per annum, complemented by a minimum of 4 weeks paid annual leave and superannuation at 10.5% (from 1 July 2022).

Check out the Pay Guide for Nurses provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Patient Ratios in Australia

In Australia, the patient ratio is an impressive 1:4, highlighting the commitment to quality patient care. This starkly contrasts to the UK, where the ratio is 1:8, and in Ireland, it’s 1:6, increasing during evening and night shifts.

Why Choose a Nursing Career in Australia?

Australia is a dream destination for many overseas-trained Nurses, offering a unique blend of professional opportunities and an exceptional lifestyle. Whether you’re here for a short-term experience on a Working Holiday Visa or planning to make Australia your forever home, there are countless reasons to love it here.

A recent survey revealed that a remarkable 96% of Registered Nurses recruited by HealthStaff Recruitment chose to make Australia their permanent home. What makes Australia so appealing? From the inviting climate to pristine beaches and a relaxed lifestyle, there’s something for everyone.

Feedback from Nurses who relocated to Australia includes:

  1. Competitive pay exceeds that of the UK or Ireland.
  2. Safe patient ratios ensure quality care.
  3. A fulfilling lifestyle in a country known for its abundance of sunshine.

Ready to embark on a rewarding nursing career Down Under? Join Nursing Careers Australia and explore the incredible opportunities that await you!