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Attractive Benefits

As a professional nurse in Australia you enjoy all the same benefits as a professional Australian nurse.

  • The terms of a working visa include migration of your immediate family
  • Your family can work, study or attend school.
  • You are entitled to all the benefits of an Australian worker
  • Government medical insurance is not available until you are a Permanent Resident
  • Private medical insurance is a condition of employment on a working visa
  • Permanent residence can be applied for after 2 years, as nurses are given priority.
Description of Benefit Benefit
Family can migrate Work/Study/School
Annual Leave 4-6 Weeks
Sick Leave 10 Days
Hours of Work 38 Hours/Wk
Long Service Leave 2 months after 10 years
2 months after 15 years
Superannuation (Retirement Fund) 9% Gross Wages
$5,600 annually
Government Medical Insurance (as Permanent Residents) Covers 80-100% of Medical/Hospital costs
Permanent Residence Eligible After 2 years

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