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Although in some countries nursing is a job with little status, this is not the case in Australia, where nursing is a respected profession for both males and females.
The introduction of a University based nursing education has led to Australia having a very well educated and highly skilled nursing workforce.

  • Nurses in Australia have gained increased autonomy, accountability and increased responsibilities.
  • Nurses are an integral part of the health care team, making autonomous and rational nursing decisions.
  • Nursing is a profession in Australia, and is remunerated accordingly.
  • Nursing, like all other professions requires a University education

Nursing is not just a job – it’s a career.

  • Nurses are highly respected in the community
  • Nurses are recognised for the diversity and breadth of knowledge and skills
  • Contemporary nursing is a unique occupation encompassing;
    • a highly specialised body of knowledge, and
    • the utilisation of complex technology and acquired skills
  • Nursing offers unparalleled job security,
  • Nursing offers a generous salary structure in line with other professions.
  • Australian nurses are in demand all over Australia and the world.
  • Nurses choose to work in a long list of specialty clinical areas.
  • Nurses can also work in management, education, research or health promotion.
  • A nursing career can be many careers in one.
    • There are many areas of specialisation
    • A nursing qualification can be used in combination with other careers
    • Examples include law, psychology and marketing.
    • A career in nursing is never dull; there‚Äôs a job to suit every personality.
  • It’s a chance to make a difference to the quality of someone else’s life.
  • Australian Nursing could make a difference to the quality of your life by providing you with a rewarding and challenging career.

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