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What makes us different

There are many agents and companies who will offer to send you to another country and promise you registration and the ability to work in the new country.

However for every person who does eventually relocate successfully there are many who do not leave their own country, or if they do, are forced to return, finding that not all that was promised is delivered.

Sadly in many cases these people have also lost the funds that they paid
to their agents.

We commit to making your move to a new country and a new life as stress free as possible by supporting you with services that will enable you to be successful and happy in your new country and home.

The keys to success when moving to a new country include:

  • Achieving Registration as a Nurse in that country
  • Approval of a working visa to work as a Registered Nurse
    • Support of an Employer to sponsor the visa
    • Registration as an Australian Nurse
    • Acceptable medical and x-ray examinations
    • Acceptable identity documents and police clearances
  • An employment contract to work as a registered nurse.
  • Successful Relocation of you and your family
    • Suitable and affordable accommodation
    • Accommodation close to work, transport and shopping
    • A job for your husband
    • Schools for the children
    • Living in a safe and secure area
  • Legal agreements to ensure you receive the services promised
  • Full disclosure of all issues and costs
  • Ethical and honest recruiting practices
  • Adequate supportĀ  services including:
    • Education and Registration services
    • Employment support services
    • Relocation services
    • Banking services
    • Family support services

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