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Who is migrating to Australia?

Australia’s cultural diversity is a reflection of Australia’s immigration policy over the last 50 years.

  • Since 1945 over 6 million people from other countries have migrated to Australia
  • In the early years after the war the main source of immigrants were European countries, UK, Ireland, Greece, and Italy.
  • In 2006/2007 the primary source has significantly changed :
    • UK (16%)
    • New Zealand (12%)
    • China (11%)
    • India (10%)
    • Southeast Asia (13%)
    • European, African and Middle Eastern (38%).
  • The Chinese are now the third-largest largest group.
  • Indian immigrants are rapidly catching the Chinese, and will probably surpass them.
  • Within Southeast Asia the Philippines is the largest group, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Migrants have been crucial to building Australia’s strong and robust economy – helping to :
    • create its national infrastructure;
    • contributing new ideas and technology;
    • Fostering knowledge of other cultures, languages, foods and lifestyles.

Land of Opportunity

Australia Preferred as a Migration Destination

Australia is one of the best migration destinations for a young person, according to a global opinion poll.

Link: Sydney Morning Herald

  • The Pew Global Attitudes Project, (2005), asked 17.000 people in 16 countries about their attitudes to the, found that
    • The United States has lost its image as the “Land of Opportunity”
    • Australia was preferred over most other countries by the 16,000 in the survey.

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Land of opportunity – Australia or US?

It’s a widely-held belief that although there is a lot of inequality, anyone can make it to the top in America, no matter how humble their origins.

However recently published research by Andrew Leigh of the Australian National University has found that:

  • Going from rags to riches is more likely in Australia than in the USA.
  • The SMH reported that 12% of Australian boys whose father’s lifetime income put them in the bottom 20% of the population had climbed into the top income bracket in their working lifetime.
  • In contrast, similar data for the US showed that only 5% of sons could expect to make the jump in just one generation.

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Low Unemployment

The unemployment rate of 4.1% is the lowest in 32 years and one of the lowest in the western world, insuring that almost everybody who wants a job can find one.

Shortage of Skilled Labour

Australia has a shortage of skilled labour in the Healthcare, mining, teaching, hospitality, finance and many other industries.
As an example the government projects a shortage of 70,000 workers in mining and 40,000 in nursing.
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