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Over the past 100 years in Australia European settlers brought the traditional churches of Europe to Australia, including Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and many others

More recently, immigration from South-East Asia and the Middle East has increased the diversity of existing Christian denominations.

The recent census in 2001 showed the following:

Religious Affiliation

Religion % of Population
Anglican 20.7
Baptist 1.6
Catholic 26.6
Churches of Christ 0.3
Jehovah’s Witness 0.4
Lutheran 1.3
Orthodox 2.8
Pentecostal 1.0
Presbyterian 3.4
Salvation Army 0.4
Uniting Church 6.7
Other Christian 2.7
Buddhism 1.9
Hinduism 0.5
Islam 1.5
Judaism 0.4
Other religions 0.5
No religion 15.5
Not stated 11.7
Total 100.0

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