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What is the cost of assessment?

Application for Registration

The cost of an application to a State Nurses Board is from $A455

Study Visa Applications

The cost of a visa application will be from $A170
A Medical and X-ray exam will be required, the cost of which can vary from country to country.

Education Expenses

The length of the Competency Based Assessment Programme (CBAP) course is typically 8 to 12 weeks.

The majority of these costs are paid to 3rd parties for providing services to you.

We will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of the programme which will include the following costs:

  • Course Fees ($A 12,000 up to $13,000)
  • Accommodation & Living Expenses
  • Airfares and travel insurance.
  • Relocation expenses (airfares, support, local transport search fees)
  • Administration Fee.

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Relocation Costs

Once the course is completed you will require permanent accommodation, and in some cases you may have to be relocated to another state depending on where your employer is located.

The costs of this will vary, but you will need separate funds for:

  • Working Visa Fee $A455 (Payable to the Department of Immigration)
  • Rental Bonds (payable to State Rental Bond Board)
  • 2 weeks rent in advanceĀ  (payable to Landlord)
  • Furniture, Beds, Appliances and Household Items (payable to retail store)

Services Agreement

  • We will sign a services agreement which will outline the services we will provide, and those not covered, and our mutual obligations.
  • The agreement will also outline when specific amount are payable and the conditions of cancellation and refunds.

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