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Can I pass the assessment course?

We cannot guarantee that you will pass the course, however the keys to success include the following:

  • Recent experience in an acute care hospital of at least 9 months bedside nursing.
    • Nurses who are out of touch with practical nursing have a lower chance of success.
    • Assessment is focused on performance of basic nursing skills.
    • Younger nurses often do better than older nurses, due to recent experience.
  • Experience in medical, surgical, or specialist departments is advantageous
  • In depth interviewing and testing by our experienced nursing education staff.
  • Advance study prior to attending the course.
  • Coaching by our University trained assessors during the course.
  • Support for your personal needs during the course.
  • Provision of suitable accommodation and living arrangements.

The pass rate for nurses who are registered with Nursing Careers is almost 97.5%.

  • Of 80 Nurses attending assessment courses over three years two have failed.
  • The two nurses who failed lacked recent bedside nursing experience:
    • One nurse was in rehabilitation nursing for 10 years
    • The other nurse was a tutor, but never worked as a ward nurse.
  • These two nurses are now undergoing extensive training in bedside nursing in their home country.
  • When their nursing skills are refreshed they will be re-enrolled in an assessment course
  • Overseas nurses who apply independently, or thru agents have a significantly higher failure rate.
  • We will not recommend you undertake the course unless assessors agree you have the skills.

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