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Benefits of becoming an Australian nurse

Australian nurses enjoy a high standard of living and are one of the most respected professions in the country.

The primary Benefits include:

Work in Australia in 3-6 months

Unlike the USA,  approval is quick and uncomplicated. Once you have passed the assessment program you are able to work.

Eligibility for Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency after 2-3 years

Nurses are given priority due to the shortage of nurses in Australia

Enhance your Nursing Skills in worlds “Best Practice” health facilities

Australia has been on the cutting edge of professional nursing education since 1994. Qualifications from Australian universities are recognised worldwide.

Improve your Standard of Living

If we add in the factor “Well Being Of the Population”, Australia has a higher standard of living than the United States .

High Annual Income-$A53, 900 to $A85, 000

Nurse’s earnings are in the top 20% of all workers in Australia

Low Cost of Living

‘Worldwide, New Zealand and Australian cities are still the cheapest, yet with the highest quality of living... The cost of living in Australia’s Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth is ...[among the lowest of the 144 cities reviewed Mercer Human Resource Consulting back to top

High Quality of Life

With its low population density, good quality of life and an unpolluted environment Australia is as good as it gets.”

Work and live with friendly helpful people

‘Australians are seen as one of the friendliest nations in the world” Australians are seen to be ‘fun’, ‘honest’, ‘hard-working’, and ‘trustworthy’.

Settle and Assimilate in the most Diverse, Multicultural country in the world

Australians are very welcoming by nature and, as one of the most multicultural countries in the world; it is an easy place to live. Escape Artist Magazine Rating: “ Australia is as good as it gets.”

Be at Home with people from your own country

Indians, Europeans, and Chinese have become the largest groups of people immigrating to Australia in the last 12 months

See Australia’s Beautiful Sites

"It’s official – Australia is the world’s dream destination”

Educate your children in the world’s leading schools

The United Nations UNESCO (statistics show that Australia has one of the highest enrolment rates in primary, secondary and tertiary education in the world.

Provide your husband with a rewarding Career

Unemployment is 4.1% the lowest in 32 years, Establish your Retirement Income (up to $A500,000). The value of your retirement fund may be as high as $A500, 000 if you work as a nurse in Australia for 25 years, funded by your employer.

Improve your Life Expectancy and Health

The average Australian female can expect to live to 83 years and the male 78 years with an average of 80.5 years according to the United Nations Buy a car, a house and a Plasma TV within 5 years. Over 70% of Australian households own their own home, and Australians have one of the highest car and TV ownerships in the world.

Live a happy, fulfilling, peaceful life

Australia in 2007 ranked 3 rd out of 177 countries measured, behind only Norway and Iceland. back to top

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