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Where Are They Now? RN Jijo Thomas

published: April 20th, 2010 | category: Building Careers, Changing lives, Testimonials


“The Gold Coast is such a beautiful place – I love living here!” says Jijo Thomas, who works as an RN at Bupa Merrimac. “I have been here for nearly a year and a half and enjoy the fact that in 15 mins you can be on the beach, or you can drive 30 mins in the other direction and you are in the mountains. Either way is just amazing.”

Jijo recently purchased a Honda Civic, which means he can explore his hometown, which is only a short drive to the New South Wales border. “Everyone is so welcoming and friendly so it is a really nice atmosphere to live and work in. On the weekends, I usually go out fishing with a friend who has a boat and another who has a jet ski. So we spend a lot of time on the water enjoying the sunshine and the sights,” Jijo says. “I also have a few friends from India here so we go out to various places – we recently went camping, which was a lot of fun.”

In addition to soaking up the exciting lifestyle the Gold Coast offers, Jijo also likes the responsibility and independence that comes with working in aged care. “Basically, you are left on your own to take care of the residents – which in my case is around 98 – so you are the person who is responsible for everyone’s health. It’s a huge responsibility but once you get used to it, you really start enjoying it.”

“The resident’s are always so happy to see you and when you come back to work after a couple of days off, they really miss you!”

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