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“Star Performer” Pompy Bose marries in New Delhi

published: February 14th, 2012 | category: Husbands & families, Testimonials

RN Pompy Bose, who came to Australia nearly 18-months ago, has married her sweetheart Ankur Paul in a lavish ceremony back home in New Delhi. “It was a beautiful cascade of rituals,” she said. “It really was a lot of fun.”

Pompy, who was sponsored by Nursing Careers Australia in 2010, recalled when she first relocated to Australia.

“Initially I really missed my family and friends back home but I have come to really love this country,” Pompy said. “And even though I’m on my own till my husband arrives later this month, I feel so safe and secure. Even when my shift finishes at midnight, I feel safe walking back to my home.

“I just couldn’t imagine living by myself in India.”

Pompy said one of the greatest rewards of working as a Registered Nurse in Australia was the “pleasure and happiness” she feels when her work is acknowledged.

“I always believed I was a hardworking nurse but it wasn’t appreciated back in India,” she explained. “Here, you have more scope for promotion. For example, I was given the opportunity to work as a Care Manager within a year of working with Rosemore Aged Care. That would not have happened in India.”

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