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Nursing Careers Australia helps Registered Nurse from Kerala, India secure job with Lend Lease in Australia

published: February 13th, 2012 | category: Building Careers, Testimonials

Shankumar with a friendly Australian kangaroo!

Two weeks after graduating with Nursing Careers Australia, Shankumar Salim Kumar has landed an impressive job: working as an RN with Lend Lease Aged Care in Bonnells Bay, New South Wales.

“I am very excited to be working with Lend Lease, and stay in Australia as a permanent resident,” said Shankumar, who is originally from Kerala. “I like everything about this country – the people, the living conditions, the culture – and I am thankful for Nursing Careers Australia with helping me find a job so quickly,” he said.

One of Australia’s leading providers of quality care for the aged, Lend Lease is has a strong focus on continuing active rewarding lifestyle for residents. “I am looking forward to doing a special course on dementia because I really like the people who work in this area,” Shankumar said.

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