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Profile of an Indian nurse who recently graduated from a Nursing Careers Australia bridging program

published: July 1st, 2013 | category: Bridging Program graduates, Building Careers

more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse


RN Amilin Pramila Chellapparaj has more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse – including five years in Oncology – working in her home country and the Middle East. The mother-of-two was introduced to Nursing Careers Australia through India International Technical Recruiters (IITR) and is currently looking for work having successfully completing her Bridging Program.

“Nursing Careers Australia helped me from the application process right through to obtaining my Visa,” Amilin explained. “In fact, all my documents were in Arabic as I had been working in Kuwait, so Allan Pitman helped me translate them to English. “This enabled me to get the necessary documents in on time, and finish the Bridging Course on time,” she said. “I feel prepared and ready for employment.”

Amilin said she moved to Australia in order to fulfil her lifelong goal to work in Oncology. “When I was working in India and the Middle East, I did not have any opportunities to do further studies to be an Oncology Nurse,” she said. “It is my dream to improve my career in this area and Australia will enable me to do that.”

Overseas nurses like Amilin often talk about the frustration that comes from the limitations of working as a Registered Nurse in India. “When you start as a Grade-1 nurse in India, you have to stay there for 10-15 years – there is no career growth and you are not allowed to make any clinical decisions,” she explained. “Nurses working in Australia have more independence in clinical decision-making – we can decide on our own and we can treat our patients on our own. The scope of practice is much smaller in India,” she said. “Even for a simple thing, you have to contact the doctor and they have to do the treatment. It is very frustrating.”

Nursing is considered a respected profession in Australia, with RN’s encouraged to pursue career goals with further training. “When I was doing my Bridging Program as well as my clinical placement, I was really feeling so much amazed as nurses in Australia are so independent and given so much respect,” Amilin said. “In many places, nurses are not respected but it’s so different in Australia. This makes me so excited to work in Australia,” said Amilin.

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