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Relocation Services

relocating toa new homeOrganising and coordinating relocation to Australia to undertake the Competency Based Assessment Programme if required, and subsequent relocation to employer’s location;

  • Organising internal and international transport to and within Australia.
  • Assisting the Nurse with organising banking, providing advice on living and working in Australia and providing orientation to the location in Australia (including local transport, shops and other services).
  • Advice and assistance in relocation issues following successful completion of the CBAP program, nurse registration confirmation, approval of a working visa and confirmation of the employment contract, including:
    • Search for affordable and appropriate rental property
    • Negotiation of lease fee and rental terms and conditions
    • Purchase of household furniture, appliances, utensils and equipment
    • Transport by the most affordable and cost effective means from the CBAP program location to the employment location
    • Provision of suitable temporary accommodation, meals and transport from the time of completion of the CBAP program to the first day of employment.

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Assistance with Finance Documentation and Payments

Where requested by the Nurse:

  • Assistance with the application for and documentation of financing of all or part of the costs of studying and obtaining registration in Australia (including payment of the Agreed Costs and Charges) through a loan with a financial institution in India
  • Assisting and facilitating the payment by the Nurse, and other parties as appropriate, of the expenses associated with transport, relocation, immigration, accommodation, living, assessment and registration activities from the time of arrival of the Nurse in Australia to the commencement of their employment with the employer.
  • In providing assistance with finance documentation and payments where requested to do so by the Nurse, the Company is not providing financial advice or assessing the affordability or appropriateness of the financial arrangements entered into by the Nurse. The Nurse acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the Nurse to satisfy themselves as to the affordability and appropriateness of the financial arrangements they enter into in India

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