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Banking services

Why do you need Banking Services?

Moving countries means that you will need a bank account to manage your financial affairs including:

  • Depositing funds you bring with you
  • Depositing funds to pay¬† living expenses during the course
  • Providing an ATM Card to facilitate withdrawals for expenses
  • Providing a credit record with a bank to allow you to
    • apply for loans in future
    • apply for credit cards
    • apply for rental property
  • Providing an account for Employers to transfer your salary automatically
  • Providing a means of facilitating transfers of funds back to your home country

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Why do you need Financial Services?

Once you start working in Australia, you will need a credit card for:

  • Home furniture purchase
  • Bonds on Rental properties
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Eventually you will require a loan for:

  • Purchase of a car
  • Purchase on a home

While we do not advocate that you borrow excessive amounts of money, especially if you have an educational loan to repay, it is important that you establish a good track record with a bank, to ensure you will be able to take out loans when you need to.

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How do banks evaluate you?

Banks evaluate you for loans and credit cards based on the following criteria:

  • Monthly salary
  • Occupation
  • Credit history
  • Bank account balances
  • Age
  • Family commitments
  • Time in Australia
  • Your visa category-long term or short term

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How do we help?

Nursing Careers has relationships and partnerships with a number of leading Australian banks.

We will work with the bank and yourself to assist you in the following areas:

  • Opening deposit accounts before you arrive in Australia
  • Providing you with an ATM card as soon as you arrive
  • Assisting you to apply for credit cards
  • Ensuring your salary is deposited into your bank account authomatically
  • Providing verification of your employment and good standing
  • Facilitating the application in future for personal and home loans

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