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Nursing Careers Australia has helped nurses from all over India work and live in Australia. Feeling more like a family than a recruitment agency, we help our nurses with everything from travel permits and temporary accommodation to securing a job and finding a new home for their family.

This is what some of our recent graduates had to say…

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How to become a Registered Nurse in Australia

Becoming an overseas-qualified nurse working in Australia, like Asha Rajan pictured here, depends on a number of important factors, including:

  • The country where you undertook your nursing education
  • The nursing college/university you attended
  • Your nursing qualifications and experience
  • Your English Proficiency Level (Academic IELTS individual band scores of 7.0 or OET B in every band

For overseas nurses, registration can be a process based on verification of documents, such as:

  • Your identity: Passport & Birth Certificate
  • Your Nursing Education: Bachelor of Nursing or BSc in Nursing
  • Evidence of Registration as a Nurse in your home country
  • Your Nursing work experience
  • English Language proficiency: IELTS 7.0 all modules
  • Evidence that you have undertaken Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the last 12-months

Nurses who were educated in countries not recognised by Australian authorities will be required to undertake an accredited bridging program of a 12-week duration in Australia. There are a number of accredited bridging programs available in Australia but the Universities are preferred because they are the institutions that train Australian nurses in the Bachelor of Nursing.

These programs are also preferred by Australian Employers as their nurses graduate “employment ready”. Nursing Careers Australia submits your application for registration to AHPRA and, if successful, enrols you in the appropriate University Bridging Program.

To find out more about this process, and how Nursing Careers Australia help overseas-qualified nurses successfully apply to AHPRA and enrol you in an approved University Bridging Program, register your interest here.

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Profile of an Indian nurse who recently graduated from a Nursing Careers Australia bridging program

more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse


RN Amilin Pramila Chellapparaj has more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse – including five years in Oncology – working in her home country and the Middle East. The mother-of-two was introduced to Nursing Careers Australia through India International Technical Recruiters (IITR) and is currently looking for work having successfully completing her Bridging Program.

“Nursing Careers Australia helped me from the application process right through to obtaining my Visa,” Amilin explained. “In fact, all my documents were in Arabic as I had been working in Kuwait, so Allan Pitman helped me translate them to English. “This enabled me to get the necessary documents in on time, and finish the Bridging Course on time,” she said. “I feel prepared and ready for employment.”

Amilin said she moved to Australia in order to fulfil her lifelong goal to work in Oncology. “When I was working in India and the Middle East, I did not have any opportunities to do further studies to be an Oncology Nurse,” she said. “It is my dream to improve my career in this area and Australia will enable me to do that.”

Overseas nurses like Amilin often talk about the frustration that comes from the limitations of working as a Registered Nurse in India. “When you start as a Grade-1 nurse in India, you have to stay there for 10-15 years – there is no career growth and you are not allowed to make any clinical decisions,” she explained. “Nurses working in Australia have more independence in clinical decision-making – we can decide on our own and we can treat our patients on our own. The scope of practice is much smaller in India,” she said. “Even for a simple thing, you have to contact the doctor and they have to do the treatment. It is very frustrating.”

Nursing is considered a respected profession in Australia, with RN’s encouraged to pursue career goals with further training. “When I was doing my Bridging Program as well as my clinical placement, I was really feeling so much amazed as nurses in Australia are so independent and given so much respect,” Amilin said. “In many places, nurses are not respected but it’s so different in Australia. This makes me so excited to work in Australia,” said Amilin.

Follow Amilin’s nursing career, and hear from other Nursing Careers Australia success stories here.

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Where are they now? RN Jisha Abraham from Kerala


RN Jisha Abraham with Nursing Careers Australia directors Allan and Maria Pitman

Only two years after leaving India, one of our nurses has been awarded ”Best Care Manager in Australia” from one of the country’s largest healthcare providers.

Originally from Kerala in India, RN Jisha Abraham has achieved remarkable success since arriving in Australia two years ago with Nursing Careers Australia (NCA). The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) graduate was promoted to Chief Nurse one year after securing a job with Australia’s largest private aged care provider.

This would “never” have happened in India, she said. “I would have been stuck in the same job for at least ten years before being promoted,” Jisha said. “There are only two levels of nursing in India and it takes a lot of time to move from one to the other.”

Thanks to ongoing career support from NCA, Jisha recently beat hundreds of nurses in 60 aged care facilities to win ”Best Care Manager in Australia”.

“I didn’t know much about aged care because it doesn’t exist in India, so initially I thought I might lose my skills if I didn’t work in a hospital, “Jisha said. “However, I have gained more experience after two years working in the aged care industry, which is incredible because I never would have done that in a hospital.”

The 28-year-old said it was the professional support from Nursing Careers Australia that had enabled her to achieve great success in a short amount of time.

“I do not regret even for a second moving to Australia and I have Allan Pitman to thank for guiding me in the right direction,” Jisha said. “The people at Nursing Careers Australia really know what they are doing!”

Read more success stories here. 

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Nursing Careers Australia hosts seminars in India

Maria Pitman and Gurinder Singh IITR (far right) with Indian nurses at a Nursing Careers Australia seminar in Cochin, India

Nursing Careers Australia is a global recruitment firm that specialises in helping overseas nurses work and live in Australia. We show Indian nurses how to experience financial freedom, unlimited career opportunities, and an exciting new life in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Our next series of seminars in Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi will cover a range of topics including:

  • What the requirements are to practice as a Registered Nurse in Australia
  • How to apply to AHPRA and receive a decision letter faster than if you were to apply independently
  • Details about Australia’s most successful Bridging Program
  • Accommodation, living expenses, academic support, travel and coaching support throughout the entire duration of the Bridging Course
  • Assistance with resumes, interviews and introduction to potential employers

Get in early by registering here. Dates and location details will be announced soon!

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Starting a new job in Australia


Jyothsna P S D’souza started the year with a new job. She is pictured here with her general manager, Helen Raiciuciu.

First day at work is always a combination of excitement and nerves. However, we took Jyothsna to her new workplace for orientation where we met general manager Helen Raiciuciu. We also provide invaluable career advice so they will be more confident at work.

“We also follow up with the manager on a regular basis to talk about job performance and career opportunities,” Allan said.

Register for a nursing career in Australia here.

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RN Pompy Bose promoted to Acting care Manager

RN Pompy Bose started work as a Registered Nurse two years ago with one of Australia’s largest healthcare companies. NCA found her the job in Rosemore, which she describes as the “epitome” of a positive and healthy work environment.

NCA also helped to improve Pompy’s communication, cooperation and leadership skills, and encouraged her to take on more job responsibility. This resulted in enormous praise from her employer and Australian colleagues.

Pompy is considered a “star performer” and was quickly promoted to Acting Care Manager. We are in the process of helping Pompy secure a permanent residency visa. Her future looks very bright!

Australia has enormous career opportunities for Indian nurses – read about them here.

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Shankumar from Kerala Lands Job with Lend Lease

Two weeks after graduating with Nursing Careers Australia, Shankumar Salim Kumar has landed an impressive job: working as an RN with Lend Lease Aged Care in Bonnells Bay, New South Wales.
“I am very excited to be working with Lend Lease and stay in Australia as a permanent resident,” said Shankumar, who is originally from Kerala.
“I like everything about this country – the people, the living conditions, the culture – and I am thankful for Nursing Careers Australia with helping me find a job so quickly,” he said.
One of Australia’s leading providers of quality care for the aged, Lend Lease is has a strong focus on continuing active rewarding lifestyle for residents.
“I am looking forward to doing a special course on dementia because I really like the people who work in this area,” Shankumar said.

Join Nursing Careers Australia by clicking here.

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UN Ranks Australia 2nd Best Country in the World to Live

Australia has one of the best lifestyles in the world

The UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI) has placed Australia as the second best place in the world to live, with Norway taking top honours by a fraction.

Factors such as life expectancy, education, per-capita income and health all helped Australia attain a scorecard of 93 out of a possible 100.

“This comes as no surprise to the Indian nurses we sponsor,” NCA’s Allan Pitman said. “Add great weather, easygoing culture and nursing opportunities to the mix and you have the kind of lifestyle most people around the world can only dream about.

Find out how you can become a nurse in Australia by clicking here.

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“Star Performer” Pompy Bose marries in New Delhi

RN Pompy Bose, who came to Australia nearly 18-months ago, has married her sweetheart Ankur Paul in a lavish ceremony back home in New Delhi. “It was a beautiful cascade of rituals,” she said. “It really was a lot of fun.”

Pompy, who was sponsored by Nursing Careers Australia in 2010, recalled when she first relocated to Australia.

“Initially I really missed my family and friends back home but I have come to really love this country,” Pompy said. “And even though I’m on my own till my husband arrives later this month, I feel so safe and secure. Even when my shift finishes at midnight, I feel safe walking back to my home.

“I just couldn’t imagine living by myself in India.”

Pompy said one of the greatest rewards of working as a Registered Nurse in Australia was the “pleasure and happiness” she feels when her work is acknowledged.

“I always believed I was a hardworking nurse but it wasn’t appreciated back in India,” she explained. “Here, you have more scope for promotion. For example, I was given the opportunity to work as a Care Manager within a year of working with Rosemore Aged Care. That would not have happened in India.”

Find out what some of our nurses have to say about working with Nursing Careers Australia by clicking here.

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Meet our newest Nursing Careers Australia graduates!

Nursing Careers Australia graduates on their big day!

Tintu Anna Joseph, Liz Mathew, Tinu Sebastian, Charls Joseph Chungath, Shankumar Salim Kumar, Tina Tresa Thomas, and Nursing Careers’ operation manager, Abhijeet Singh.

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Sponsorship by an Employer now the fastest and easiest way to secure Australian Permanent Residency

Contrary to rumours currently circulating in the overseas community, there have been no significant changes to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).
The ENS program provides Permanent Residence to applicants provided:
1. The employer nominates the employee;
2. The employee has held a 457 work visa for two years;
3. The employee has been working for the employer on a 457 Subclass work visa for the last 12 months; and
4. There is no requirement for the applicant to qualify under the points system under the ENS program
Australian Registered Migration Agent Allan Pitman said Nursing Careers Australia would make this process much easier since its employers offer ENS Permanent Residence after two years of employment.
“Nursing Careers Australia will find an employer for you provided you have the appropriate experience and qualifications,” Allan said.
However, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has changed the rules on Permanent Residency for Independent Applications (without employer sponsorship).
This means that the Visa applications without an employer sponsor will be split into two stages:
1. The Australia visa application will be an initial application including an assessment of the points scored;
2. If the applicant achieves the required points score, and have a score better than other applicants, they may be “invited” to file a final application.
The points system has also been changed to reward those who have an IELTS score of 8.0 or higher, and who have significant work experience in their occupation.
The purpose of this change is:
To ensure the majority of applicants utilise the Employer Sponsorship pathway for Permanent Residence.
Australia has the lowest unemployment rate (5%) in the western world and prefers nurses applying for PR to have been employed for two years with an Australian employer.
If you want to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant and you have the skills Nursing Careers Australia is looking for, then contact us here today.

Find out about nursing career opportunities in Australia by clicking here.

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Nursing Careers Australia helps Registered Nurse from Kerala, India secure job with Lend Lease in Australia

Shankumar with a friendly Australian kangaroo!

Two weeks after graduating with Nursing Careers Australia, Shankumar Salim Kumar has landed an impressive job: working as an RN with Lend Lease Aged Care in Bonnells Bay, New South Wales.

“I am very excited to be working with Lend Lease, and stay in Australia as a permanent resident,” said Shankumar, who is originally from Kerala. “I like everything about this country – the people, the living conditions, the culture – and I am thankful for Nursing Careers Australia with helping me find a job so quickly,” he said.

One of Australia’s leading providers of quality care for the aged, Lend Lease is has a strong focus on continuing active rewarding lifestyle for residents. “I am looking forward to doing a special course on dementia because I really like the people who work in this area,” Shankumar said.

Join Nursing Careers Australia by clicking here.

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Daughter follows in mother’s nursing footsteps

Inspired by her mother Anita Jordan Sunil who first graduated from The NSW College of Nursing in 2005, and now works in Mental Health at Monash Medical Centre Melbourne, Anita joined four other nurses and travelled to Australia with guidance from Allan and Maria.

Thanks to Nursing Careers Australia, they now all work in Melbourne and have been with the same hospital for five years. Ashima works as an assistant nurse at Sydney’s prestigious Royal North Shore Hospital while also studying the University of Ballarat’s preregistration course for overseas nurses.

Pictured left to right is Ashima’s husband Hersh Vhir, Ashima Janet, brother Sarbhak Joy, mother Anita Sunil, NCA’s Maria Pitman, and Ashima’s father Jordan Sunil.

Find out more about the migration service offered by Nursing Careers Australia.

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Guaranteed job placement after graduation

Here is Maria Pitman from Nursing Careers Australia explaining the program to Shiny Kalan Varghese (left) and Sheni Joy (right) during our July visit to Cochin, India.

Sheni was forced to return to India after graduation as her previous agent would not help find her a job. Two short months after this meeting, Nursing Careers Australia found Sheni a position with Bupa Care, one of the world’s largest healthcare groups. Sheni is in the process of relocating to Adelaide to start her exciting new position.

Fill out an application with Nursing Careers Australia today!

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Abhijeet from Nursing Careers Australia becomes an Australian citizen!

Nursing Careers is proud to announce that our very own Operations Manager, Abhijjet Singh, recently became an Australian citizen!

Originally from Delhi and fluent in English and Hindi, Abhijeet has been living in Australia for the past five years where he obtained a Masters Degree in IT from Queensland University

“I joined Careers International Group, the parent company for Nursing Careers Australia, two years ago and it has been a wonderful experience,” Abhijjet says from his home near world-famous Bondi Beach. “Now that I am an Australian citizen, I not only have the chance of a better life but also a more secure career.”

Meet the rest of the Nursing Careers Australia team here.

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Join Nursing Careers Australia and change your life today

Allan and Maria Pitman (pictured above) will be in India from September 21 to October 30 to recruit nurses for some of Australia’s biggest healthcare employers. “We guarantee a job for accredited nurses, with salaries starting from $AUD60,000-80,000 p/a.,” Allan says.

Register below for one of the following life-changing information seminars:

DATE: 21st & 22nd September 2010
TIME: 1pm on the 21st; 10am on the 22nd
LOCATION: IITR (behind Sanjeevan Hospital) 4868/24 Ansari Road
Darya Ganj.

DATE: 25th & 26th September 10:00AM
LOCATION: Travancore Court Hotel, Warriam Road, Ernakulam

DATE: 27th September 2010
TIME & LOCATION: To be advised

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Where Are They Now? Anu Thomas from Kerala

NAME: ANU ANN THOMAS (pictured left)
AGE: 24

“I really love Australian people – they are so warm and friendly – and the weather here is very comfortable. It already feels like home!” says Anu Anne, who is looking forward to finishing her post-graduate studies once she gets settled in her new job.

Anu says that the healthcare facilities in Australia are “much better than in India” and that the support system leaves her feeling safe and secure.

“Not only are nurses in Australia insured but also assigned a General Practitioner, which means a fast remedy if any problems arise” she says, adding that her goal is to be in an administrative post within the next few years. “The support is very, very good here.”

Describing Allan and Maria as feeling “just like foster parents”, Anu says that the team at Nursing Careers Australia has been with her “every step of the way”. “From the time I met Allan in India to taking care of all my documents when I arrived to finding me a great job in aged care, they have been true to their word – everything they have said they would do, has been done with genuine care and compassion.”

Find out how easy it has been for fellow Indian nurses to relocate to Australia here.

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Where Are They Now? RN Souya Scaria from Kerala

AGE: 26

Originally from Kerala, Souya says that Australia offers considerably more career opportunities for Indian nurses than her home country. “In India, once you start working in an area, it’s very difficult to move forward,” she says.

“However, in Australia, you can develop your skills and further your nursing career with different courses. I really feel that there are excellent facilities here and your career potential is unlimited.”

Apart from the “very friendly people” she has met in Australia, Souya is also appreciative of the ongoing support shown by Maria and Allan. “They have been with me each and every step of the way and I will never forget that,” she says with a smile.

Read the personal experiences of our nurses here.

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Where Are They Now? RN Pompy Bose from New Delhi

AGE: 26

“The reason why I came to Australia is because there is more scope for nurses than there is in India and, in only a few short months, I have already secured a job with a big healthcare company,” says Pomby Bose from New Delhi.

“The course I recently completed was really organised and helpful and we learned so many valuable things, particularly time management skills,” Pomby says. “To be an effective nurse in Australia, it’s really important to have these types of courses.

“I am really very happy to be a part of this country and the people here are so friendly, especially Maria and Allan who are just wonderful people,” Pomby continues. “Allan is a man of his word and everything he says, he makes happen. In fact, all of us nurses were amazed that he found all these places for us to work in!”

While Pompy was initially nervous about moving to a new country so far away from home, the ongoing support from Nursing Careers Australia quickly turned apprehension into excitement. “For all those nurses back in India – don’t think, just get on that plane because there are so many great opportunities here that you will never regret it,” she says excitedly.

Read more successful nursing stories here.

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Where Are They Now: RN Saju Varghese from Delhi

AGE: 25

Initially introduced to Nursing Careers Australia by Titus George of Eben-Ezer Educational Institutions and processed by IITR in India, Saju (standing next to fellow nurse Lojin Urumese) says it has always been his dream to live and work in Australia.

“From the beginning when I started studying to become a nurse, I had a strong desire to come to Australia because I felt it was the best place to develop my professional skills,” says Saju.

“In India, nurses do not have the same amount of respect or responsibility as they do here,” Saju continues. “My ultimate goal is to reach my full potential, which is more likely to happen in the Australian healthcare system.”

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RN Vipul Mirajkar from Mumbai


Registered Nurse Vipul Mirajkar described his work in aged care as a “great experience”. Based in Kempsey, NSW, Vipul works at Bupa Kempsey where his duties include ??? While recognising it as a change from India’s acute care industry, 26-year old Vipul says that he is adapting well to the aged care environment.

Vipul says that his colleagues are incredibly supportive and caring, with many offering to drive him home from work after a late shift and offering advice when needed. “Nurses are very respected in Australia, which is not always the case back in India,” he says.

Based in a country town means that Vipul also has easy access to the town’s facilities, including cafes, restaurants, the movie theatre, supermarket and shopping areas.

Learn about the exciting career opportunities available for registered nurses in Australia.

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Nursing Careers Australia’s student house in Sydney

Here is Joicy, Joyal, Bijoy, Vipul and Rosemary relaxing at an apartment NCA uses to house students while they’re studying in Sydney. Conveniently located in the heart of Strathfield, which has a strong Indian and Asian community, this modern home includes the following features:

• Air conditioning and central heating
• Fully furnished 2-3 bedroom home
• Spacious kitchen
• Heated pool and hot tub
• Lock up garage
• Security with lift key and intercom on front gate
• Proximity to public transport
• Easy access to supermarkets
• Location to Indian grocery stores and Indian video store
• Close proximity to nearby restaurants
• Modern amenities such as dishwasher, fridge, microwave and gas oven
• Computer with Wi-Fi, Internet, printer, scanner and phone

“We also go furniture shopping with the nurses to help negotiate the best deals when they’re purchashing furniture and white goods like washing machines for their new home.

Find out about the extensive personal and professional services offered by Nursing Careers Australia here.

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Safe and secure accommodation in Australia for Indian nurses

Soon after the nurses arrive in Australia, NCA founders Allan and Maria Pitman travel from Sydney to Melbourne to talk through any individual concerns or questions they may have.

“Some of the nurses want to know more about the cultural differences between India and Australia while others are more interested in simply exploring the city of Melbourne,” Allan explains. “This is a great opportunity for us to get to know them so we take them out for dinner and celebrate what is the beginning of their new career in Australia.”

Allan and Maria then take the nurses to their temporary accommodation in the heart of cosmopolitan Melbourne. The modern hotel is conveniently located 10 minutes from their classroom and is a popular destination with travellers from all over the world.

“One of the first things we do when our nurses get off the plane is provide a new SIM card for their mobile and a phone card,” says CEO of Nursing Careers Australia, Alan Pitman. “This allows them the freedom to call family and friends back home who are understandably concerned when their loved ones move to the other side of the world.”
Find out about the services provided by Nursing Careers Australia here.

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Support from Nursing Careers Australia

Unlike other recruitment agencies, Nursing Careers Australia is known for the family environment it creates for its nurses. “It’s important that they feel safe and settled in their new country, so we often take them out shopping and sightseeing when they’re not studying or working,” says Maria. “Here is Joicy, Joyal, Bijoy, Vipul and Rosemary Varghese at Melbourne’s historic Queen Victoria Markets.”

Additional services offered to nurses by NCA include:

• Arranging a SIM card
• Organising a phone card
• Taking them to dinner
• Showing them around the city
• Locating the nearest Indian grocery store
• Finding the nearest supermarket and grocery store
• Finding the best place to buy fresh fruit, vegetable and fish
• Opening a bank account with an Australian financial institution
• Organising an ATM card
• Introducing them to tutors, classroom locations and study schedules
• Teaching them how to get around town on public transport

Fill out an application with Nursing Careers Australia here.

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Kick-start your nursing career in Australia

With the help of Nursing Careers Australia, Indian nurses building their careers and changing their lives in one of the world’s most affluent countries.

“A few days after the nurses arrive, they start the four-week theory component of the competency assessment program,” Allan explains. “This is where they learn about Australia’s healthcare system, how our drugs and equipment differ from what they’re used to India, and the different legal requirements that are designed to protect both patients and medical staff.

“Students are given research-based assignments that focus on various medical conditions,” Allan explains. “This forms the theory component of the course.”

“The theory stage also addresses the nursing culture and philosophy that exists in Australia,” Allan continues. “Australian nurses are highly respected and are given a level of responsibility not seen in India’s health system. And to ensure they have access to the latest information and expertise, Indian nurses are taught by Australian tutors and specialists from all over the world.

A week after the nurses graduate, NCA founders Allan and Maria Pitman travel from Sydney to Melbourne to talk through any individual concerns or questions the nurses may have.

“Some of the nurses want to know more about the cultural differences between India and Australia while others are more interested in simply exploring the city of Melbourne,” Allan explains. “This is a great opportunity for us to get to know the nurses so we take them out for dinner and celebrate what is the beginning of their new career in Australia.

Kick-start your nursing career by filling out an application here.

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Where Are They Now? RN Sreeranjini Prabhakaran


“I really like working in Australia’s aged care community because, as a nurse, you are given so much more responsibility than if you were in India,” says Sreeranjini Prabhakaran, who lives in the outer Sydney suburb of Greystanes with her husband Manoj. “Nurses are very supportive of each other, especially the management who are always ready to share their advice and experience – without getting angry or frustrated.”

When Manoj, who works as a chef in one of the areas top restaurants, and Sreeranjini have time off from work, they enjoy driving to one of the many scenic destinations near Sydney. “We often drive down the coast to Wollongong, or across to the Blue Mountains, which is only
a short distance away,” Sreeranjini says.

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Where Are They Now? RN Teena Thomas


Teena was recently asked to be a Care Manager, a position that holds more responsibility and administration duties. “My job involves organising family conferences, creating Care Plans, and conducting audits,” Teena explains. “I will also be helping train a new nurse who is arriving soon from the Philippines.”

“Working in aged care is certainly challenging but there is so much job satisfaction and you really feel as though you are doing something important,” Teena says. “Nurses are the ones who are responsible for everything and they make most of the day-to-day decisions. Also, as an RN in aged care, you are required to do a fair bit of management that involves giving duties to the assistant nurses, and working in close contact with the families of the residents.

Teena Thomas, who lives in southern Queensland with her husband Sam, says she has fallen in love with Australia and “never wants to leave”. “I have so many friends here – Indian and Australian – and we often organise social functions through work on weekends,” Teena says. “Sam was recently granted an Australian Visa thanks to Allan and Maria’s help so he will be arriving here soon and I cannot wait!”

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Where Are They Now? RN Vaishali Sharma


Registered Nurse Vaishali Sharma has been living in Australia for nearly two years with her husband Lokesh near Newcastle, just north of Sydney. “I really like the people here – they are so friendly and easygoing,” she says. Currently working at Bupa Cardiff, Vaishali and Lokesh are excited to be having their first child, which is due in May. “I don’t have any family living in Australia but have lots of friends, so we are looking forward to raising our family here,” she adds.

While Vaishali enjoys working in aged care, she is really looking forward to one-day working in the fast paced area of intensive care.

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Where Are They Now? RN Jijo Thomas


“The Gold Coast is such a beautiful place – I love living here!” says Jijo Thomas, who works as an RN at Bupa Merrimac. “I have been here for nearly a year and a half and enjoy the fact that in 15 mins you can be on the beach, or you can drive 30 mins in the other direction and you are in the mountains. Either way is just amazing.”

Jijo recently purchased a Honda Civic, which means he can explore his hometown, which is only a short drive to the New South Wales border. “Everyone is so welcoming and friendly so it is a really nice atmosphere to live and work in. On the weekends, I usually go out fishing with a friend who has a boat and another who has a jet ski. So we spend a lot of time on the water enjoying the sunshine and the sights,” Jijo says. “I also have a few friends from India here so we go out to various places – we recently went camping, which was a lot of fun.”

In addition to soaking up the exciting lifestyle the Gold Coast offers, Jijo also likes the responsibility and independence that comes with working in aged care. “Basically, you are left on your own to take care of the residents – which in my case is around 98 – so you are the person who is responsible for everyone’s health. It’s a huge responsibility but once you get used to it, you really start enjoying it.”

“The resident’s are always so happy to see you and when you come back to work after a couple of days off, they really miss you!”

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Where Are They Now? Care Manager Rosamma Thayil John


Registered Nurse Rosamma “Rosie” Thayil John was recently promoted to the position of Care Manager at Kennedy Health Care, which is one of Australia’s leading providers of aged care.

“At Kennedy Health, we take a holistic approach to caring for the residents and my responsibility is to make the Care Plan for each of the five nurses who work alongside me during each shift,” Rosie explains. “Unlike India’s doctor dominated system, Australian procedures allow nurses to take a more independent approach to their work. Here we have the clearance to plan the resident’s care and I think nurses take more responsibility because of this.

“Because of the nature of the care provided at Kennedy Health, I am able to further my education every single day,” Rosie continues. This ensures that I am constantly progressing and not stagnant in my job.”

Along with husband Thayil, an Ordained Minister, and sons Timothy and Sam, Rosie lives south of Sydney in the bustling coastal town of Wollongong.

“The quality of life is much higher here than compared to my country,” Rosie responds when asked what she most likes about living in Australia. “I really like the people in Wollongong – they are very open and friendly – and so we have made many friends. In fact, our family has become very involved with the local community through our involvement with the Ministry.”

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Vaishali with Sreeranjini and her husband Manoj

“I really like working in Australia’s aged care community because, as a nurse, you are given so much more responsibility than if you were in India,” says Sreeranjini Prabhakaran, who lives in the outer Sydney suburb of Greystanes with her husband Manoj. “Nurses are very supportive of each other, especially the management who are always ready to share their advice and experience – without getting angry or frustrated.”

When Manoj, who works as a chef in one of the areas top restaurants, and Sreeranjini have time off from work, they enjoy driving to one of the many scenic destinations near Sydney. “We often drive down the coast to Wollongong, or across to the Blue Mountains, which is only a short distance away,”

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RN Abishek Sharma

ABHISHEK SHARMA“I didn’t know anything about Allan till I came to Australia but soon realised that he is the best person to speak with if you are a nurse coming from overseas,” says Jaipur born ABHISHEK SHARMA who now lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughter. “Allan and Maria take a personal interest in each and every case. In fact, they treat me as if I were a son.

“Right from the very beginning when they come and pick you up from the airport, they are with you every step of the way. And I mean every step! They took us shopping, showed the road rules, how to withdraw money from ATMs and where to go shopping. They took us to college and introduced us to the teachers, and even introduced us to the neighbours. They did everything you could imagine to make us feel safe and secure. My wife, Sangeetha and I both have Allan’s mobile number and can call whenever we need advice or help with anything.

We recently bought a house in Narre Warren and our daughter is now six months old. I love everything about Australia – the weather, the people, and the country. Everything here is just so systematic and people are more relaxed here compared to India.”

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RN Jessy Simon

JESSY SIMON“The process of moving to Australia was much quicker than I expected – I approached Maria and Allan in late February and found myself in Australia three months later,” says JESSY SIMON from Bangalore. Allan and Maria treat me like family and I can call them anytime if I need advice. I am very happy living in Australia and love how everything is so organised; you don’t have to wait days and days if you want to get something done!”

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RN Sonika Jagde

SONIKA JAGDEV“Australia is a beautiful country and I really like the multicultural community, the climate, and the educational opportunities for nurses,” says SONIKA JAGDEV, who is originally from Tamil. “Thanks to Allan and Maria Pittman, I am about to start working at Bupa, which I am really looking forward to.They have been so helpful, right from the very beginning. They picked us up from the airport and provided us with very good accommodation. Allan takes us to see the hospitals while Maria show us different places, so they are very supportive. I am hoping to specialise in Neurology and look forward to my future in healthcare.”

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RN Priya Kurian

PRIYA KURIAN“I have had so many wonderful experiences in Australia and have had great feedback about my work,” says PRIYA KURIAN who was born in Terala. “There are quite a few Indians here and I don’t even miss my home. After one year of work with Bupa, I am going to apply for a Master in Psychiatry. I am grateful to Allan and Maria for always being there for me when I need them.”

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RN Teena Thomas

TEENA THOMASAfter seeing an advertisement in the paper about working in Australia, Delhi based nurse TEENA THOMAS went to a seminar hosted by Careers International in February 2008.”They showed a video of all these nurses and their positive feedback of their experiences was quite convincing,” Teena recalls from her new home in Toowoomba, Queensland, home of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. “The fact that these nurses had come from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) College of Nursing meant that they were reputable testimonials.”Already equipped with two years nursing experience and the necessary prerequisites, Teena filled out the paperwork and soon found herself on a plane to Australia.

“When you’re going to another country you wonder how you are going to cope but Allan and Maria really take care of you,” she says. “There are so many agencies in India that just desert you once you arrive in Australia but Nursing Careers Australia is like a family.”

One of the first things Teena noticed while working in the Australian medical system is how much nurses are respected. “Unlike in India, nursing is a highly reputable job – here you earn respect and good money,” says Teena, who now works as a Level 2 RN at Bupa aged care facility.

Teena is so happy with her decision to move to Australia that she is planning to get married here next year. “My fiance is currently in the UK but is hoping to come here so we can settle down,” she says, clearly besotted. “I really love this place.”

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RN Anupriya Masilamani Duraiswamy

ANUPRIYA MASILAMANI DURAISWAMYOriginally from Bangalore, ANUPRIYA MASILAMANI DURAISWAMYhas created a new life for herself and her family thanks to the support from Careers International.Since graduating in April 2009, Anupriya is working as an RN in Melbourne with Bupa, and settling into a new home with her husband and young son. “The facilities are beautiful and it’s a nice place to work – I am very happy,” she says with great satisfaction.”What I love about Australia is that it is so multicultural,” Anupriya continues, “and there are so many people from India who live here.”Job satisfaction rates high for Anupriya, who says that nurses in Australia enjoy greater responsibility and respect than in India. “At first I wasn’t used to making my own choices as doctors in India make all the decisions, even for simple situations.”

As an RN, Anupriya is in charge of the floor and is responsible for delegating jobs to numerous staff underneath her. “That would not be possible if I was working in India,” she says.

Anupriya and her family live in quiet, leafy suburb just a ten-minute walk from work. “We were able to enrol my son in the local school after ten days of arriving in Australia, and find a job for my husband where I work so everything has worked out beautifully.”

According to Anupriya, this has all been made possible because of the support from Allan and Maria, who not only helped her family find a home but also furnish it with everything they needed. “Allan is like our father,” she says.

“When we first arrived they would call almost every day to help us settle, and they even came to help us buy furniture. I don’t believe that you would get that kind of support from other agencies.”

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