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Estimated income expenses and savings

The table below is an estimate of the possible income, expenses and savings you might expect in Australia

  • This estimate is based on the experience of 80 overseas nurses
  • The savings provide the means  to repay the loan you may require for the programme
  • Once loans are repaid, these savings provide you and your family with a high standard of living
  • Most  nurses have repaid the loan within12-24 months
  • Nurses who have been in Australia for 3 years now own a house, car and plasma TV
  • More importantly they have:
    • Challenging careers, usually with the original sponsor.
    • Their husbands have developed careers and improved their salaries
    • Their children are happily enrolled in Australian schools, and doing well
    • The family has been granted permanent residence

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Estimated Income & Expenses-Selected Salary Levels and Family Structure

Example Only Australian Dollars

Income/Expense Single Person Family of 2 Family of 3
Salary Year 3 Year 6 Year 3 Year 6
Nurse’s Gross Salary $45,845 $52,854 $45,845 52,854
Less Net Tax $8,354 $10,456 $8,354 $10,456
Nurses Net Income $37,492 $42,398 $37,492 $42,398
Husbands Net Income na na $25,000 $25,000
Total Family Income $37,491 $45,824 $62,492 $67,398
Rent-2 bedroom (Shared) $7,800 $10,400 $13,000 $15,600
Electricity/gas $1,200 $1,500 $1,500 $1,600
Phone $1,500 $1,700 $1,500 $1,700
Living (Food/Personal) $5,200 $6,000 $7,800 $8,500
Private Medical Insurance $2,080 $2,080 $4,160 $4,160
Public Transport $1,300 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Child Care na na na $12,000
Total Living Expense $19,080 $23,180 $29,460 $45,060
Savings $18,411 $22,644 $33,032 $22,338
Potential Additional Earnings: Shift Allowances $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000
Total Potential Savings $23,411 $27,644 $38,032 $27,338

Qualifications to this projection include the following:

  • janice jamesThe nurses gross salary shown here is NSW Aged Care Nursing award No 749
  • This is the minimum nurses in aged care facilities in NSW are paid for each age category
  • This may vary by state and type of nursing and facility
  • Income Tax is based on the tables (2007/08) of the Australian Tax Office.
  • Expenses are based on Sydney, which are higher than other cities.
  • Expenses are based on our experience with 80 nurses overseas nurses living in Australia.
  • Your expenses may be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.
  • No loan payments have been included as we assume these will be paid from savings.
  • Earnings from shift allowances are based on shifts schedules that are rotated across all shifts.
  • You may earn more or nothing at all, depending on the shifts you elect or asked to work.
  • Husband’s net income is based on a salary of $28,300 for 38 hrs/wk at $14.32 per hr.
  • If your husband wants to work, he can achieve this within 3- 6 months of arriving.

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