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What experience will you need?

Hospital General Nursing Careers

  • what experience will you needThere are very few jobs available for overseas nurse’s in general surgical/medical roles in hospitals.
  • There is not a significant shortage in these areas and newly graduated Australian nurses, and nurses from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand are preferred for these positions.

Hospital Specialist Nursing Careers

  • hospital specialist careersThere is a critical shortage of nurses in the specialist areas where experience and specialised training are essential requirements.
  • An overseas nurse needs at least 7-10 years continuous experience in the specialist area applied for in a recognised leading Hospital in their home country.

Aged Care Nursing Homes

  • Aged care nursing is the fastest growing sector in Australia, and employs a large number of nurses.Aged Care Nursing Homes
  • The demand for overseas nurses in this sector is high, and provides the greatest opportunity to succeed.
  • We have placed nurses with only 6 months experience, and these nurses have been very successful.

Agency Contract Nursing

  • Agency nursing in Australia is focused primarily on short term assignments (1 day – 1 week).
  • Nurses will undertake assignments in a variety of settings including hospitals and aged care homes.
  • It is an ideal way to learn how Australian nursing functions as you will be exposed to different  :
    • Systems- Public and private, hospitals and aged care,
    • Departments within each system
    • Facilities, equipment and patients, .
  • To enter this sector at least 2- 5 years of nursing experience will be required.

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