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What careers are available in Australia?

What Careers are Available in Australia?

Australia requires nurses in the specialty areas of nursing where the shortages are most acute, rather than general Medical/ Surgical departments.

The shortages of nurses are greatest in the areas of nursing including:

  • Hospital specialist areas such as:
    • Cardiothoracic
    • ICU
    • Operating Theatre
    • Orthopedic
    • Neuro Surgery
    • Emergency
  • Aged Care
  • Mental Health
  • Midwifery

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How is Australian Nursing Different?

Australian nursing is different in many ways from other countries, particularly in the areas of:

  • Communication with patients and staff
  • Protocols and procedures
  • Medication, drugs and equipment
  • Legal requirements and restrictions.
  • Application of critical thinking to nursing
  • Management of nursing and medical staff
  • Independence of operation with little supervision.

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Australian Nursing Standards

  • is required to adapt.
    • Australia insists on an English language score of 7.0 IELTS
    • Other nations were prepared to accept as low as 6.0.
    • Recently¬† Ireland, UK and Canada have increased their requirements to 7.0
  • Australia requires overseas nurses to demonstrate their clinical skills in hospitals prior to registration.
  • Australian nurses are accepted worldwide, usually without undertaking qualifying exams.

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How does this affect the career path I choose?

  • Management needs to be confident that you can operate independently without supervision.
  • In many cases it may be necessary for nurses to undertake employment in less critical areas of nursing.
  • This will enable you to adapt to Australian nursing culture and communication norms.

Can I move from one sector to another?

  • Overseas nurses who initially are not able to qualify for specialist hospital nursing positions, can apply for these once they have gained experience in less acute areas.
  • Many of our nurses have moved from aged care homes to acute care hospitals, and from hospitals to aged care nursing.

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