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Public and private health systems in Australia

Australia has both Public and Private Health systems and there are opportunities for nurses in both systems.

What is the difference between the Public and Private

  • The Public system is focused on cost reduction strategies,
  • The Private sector is focused on revenue generation.

Private System

The Private health system is more interested in Nurses from Asian and South Pacific countries, particularly India and the Philippines for the following reasons:

  • Nurses are prepared to commit to a 3-4 year employment contract.
  • Employers are therefore prepared to invest heavily in Education and Training.
  • Asian nurses have skills in areas critical to the success of aged care including:
    • Patient empathy and care
    • Documentation of patient care plans and profiles.
    • Management and coordination of staff
    • Communication with family and relatives of patients.

Public System

The Public system appears to favour nurses from the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand, for the following reasons:

  • Nurses can work almost immediately without undertaking a Nursing Board Assessment course.
    • They require less orientation and training.
    • Communication with patients and staff is easier.
    • The cost of training is significantly lower.
    • Less direct supervision is required.
  • The Public System is focused on cost reduction, and risk reduction.
  • AsianĀ  nurses initially require more support, education and training,
  • Public hospitals generally have more acute staffing shortages.
  • Public Hospitals are unable to provide the management support required.

They require nurses who can operate relatively independently almost immediately.
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