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Opportunities for Overseas Nurses in Hospitals

There are 1291 hospitals in Australia, with 81,818 beds, 7.3 million patients and 24.3 million patient days

  • The average stay in a hospital is therefore 3.3 days.
  • Public hospitals account for 67% of the available beds, and private 33%.
  • Private hospitals have a greater proportion of surgical patients than Public Hospitals, where medical patients predominate.

Public Hospitals

  • The opportunities for overseas nurses in Public Hospitals are limited.
  • Public Hospitals conduct ¬†their own recruiting programmes to reduce costs
  • Staff turnover rate is in public hospitals, due to poor management, and limited training opportunities.
  • Of the retired nurses who have returned to public hospitals in NSW, 35% have retired again due to stress and unsupportive management.
  • There are significant opportunities in Mental Health where shortages are very high.

Private Hospitals

  • Private Hospitals are keen to recruit overseas nurses
  • In particular nurses from Asian countries such as the Philippines and India.
  • There experience with nurses from these regions has been positive,
  • They are keen to invest in extensive education and training for these nurses.

Experience Required

  • The opportunities for overseas nurses in private hospitals are confined to primarily to specialist areas.
  • Nurses applying for these careers need to be highly skilled and experienced.
  • It is unlikely that anything less than 7 years experience will be accepted,
  • This experience must be in the specialty area applied for,¬† with a recognised accredited hospital.

Advantages of Private Hospitals

  • Salaries paid are now approximately equal to Public Hospitals
  • Management is supportive of overseas nurses
  • Extensive Education and training is provided
  • A broad range of patient conditions are treated
  • The best opportunities are in ICU, Operating Theatre, and Orthopaedic areas.
  • The most up to date equipment is utilised
  • State of the art medical procedures and surgical techniques are practised

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