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Opportunities in aged care

There are significant opportunities in this rapidly growing sector for Overseas Nurses.

The advantages for overseas nurses entering this sector include:

  • Salaries are now close to those paid in hospitals.
  • Aged Care needs capable management, resulting in significant opportunities for nurses.
  • The environment is less stressful and a more supportive than hospitals.
  • There are up to 6 Assistant nurses on each shift. This allows the registered nurse to:
    • Focus on management of the assistant nurses
    • Overall patient care of the residents
    • Medication of the residents
    • Communication with medical staff.
    • Communication with the family of the residents
    • Documentation of the patient’s condition/care plans
  • Aged Care Management is supportive of their Registered Nurses.
  • Aged care provides a very good entry point for overseas nurses into Australian nursing;
    • Due to supportive environment and management
    • Less stress due to;
      • Patients are long term residents
      • This provides the nurse with stability and..

What you will learn in Aged Care Nursing

Whether or not you stay in age care, you will learn skills in Aged care that you will be able to utilise in other sectors of nursing.
These skills include:

  • Management Skills-learning how to manage fellow nurses to provide patient care
  • Documentation and Administrative Skills- Your role is to develop and manage care plans
  • Communication Skills-staff, relatives and families will depend on your proficiency in communications.
  • Caring for Aged Patients-Patients over 55 years of age account for 50.3% of patient admissions and 60.2% of patient days in public and private hospitals in Australia annually.
  • Skills in know how to communicate with this large group are essential to good acute care nursing.

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