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Career Opportunities in Australia

Australia is critically short of nurses due to the fact that Australia’s population is living longer, and demanding more and more medical services.

  • Australians have an average life expectancy of 81 years, one of the highest in the world.
  • Younger people are choosing careers other than nursing,
  • Consequently there are insufficient nurses to look after Australia’s ageing population.

The government therefore is encouraging overseas nurses to migrate to Australia to fill the gap.

  • The shortages in Australia are most acute in the specialist areas of nursing,
  • This is where overseas nurses are required.
  • These areas include ICU, Cardiac, Operating Theatre and Orthopaedics and Aged Care

The government and the Nursing Boards of Australia are insistent that all overseas

nurses demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to practice in Australia.

  • Australia has arguably the highest standard of Nursing in the world,
  • It is important overseas nurses maintain that high standard.
  • Overseas nurses may have to accept different positions from those they filled in their home countries
  • During this time they will be able to adjust to the Australia nursing culture and communication norms.
  • There are few barriers to entering any specialist field of nursing, but Australian experience is the key.
  • Overseas nurses need to be patient and focus on adapting as quickly as possible to Australian nursing culture.
  • Australian Nurses are accepted the world over, and are respected for their skill and patient care.

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