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Graduate with Nursing Careers Australia’s Bridging Program

published: May 7th, 2013 | category: latest news

Nursing Career Australia's Bridging Programs lead to graduation and successful job placement

Statistics show that approximately 2,500 nurses graduate each year from Australian Bridging Courses. Add this to the fact that 9,330 nursing students graduated from Australian universities in 2012 (up from 5,000 in 2003) and you have a lot of competition! However, there is one thing that will put you at the top of the list in the eyes of a potential employer: Nursing Careers Australia.

The provider of your Bridging Course DOES matter to Australian employers – some providers have a good reputation while others do not. Some Bridging Course providers have roughly a 50% return rate at the end of the course, meaning that 50% of their graduates will return home without a job.

Many overseas nurses tell us that they are ready to accept “the first offer letter that comes along” from any provider, however what they fail to see is the bigger picture.

Would you rather be accepted into a course with a poor reputation with Australian employers and a 50% chance of returning to your home country OR wait to be accepted into a reputable tertiary course that maximises your chances of employment when you graduate?

Put simply, Nursing Careers Australia only uses reputable Bridging Courses associated with the best Australian Universities.

These courses set you up for a nursing career in Australia, have an excellent reputation with Australian employers, and qualify you to do post-graduate studies in Australia if you wish. Furthermore, these courses focus on getting you “job ready” for your career in Australia. They do not focus on areas like Anatomy and Physiology, which you already know as a Registered Nurse.

Instead, they focus on the crucial differences between nursing in Australia and your home country and the skills that an RN needs to have in order to work in Australia – things like communication, critical thinking, assertiveness, and taking initiative in the workplace.

Nursing Careers Australia has an enviable reputation with Australian healthcare employers – they know they can trust us to find good Registered Nurses for them. Our reputation precedes you!

Most agents are only interested in one thing – getting paid a commission for everyone they enrol into a Bridging Course. Nursing Careers Australia, on the other hand, is focussed on YOU. We take a holistic approach, such as providing accommodation, offering academic coaching and job support, and helping you apply with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

To date 100% of our nurses have been successfully employed after completion of their Bridging Course, and we continue to provide job support and assistance where others need it. We understand that it is a big commitment to leave your home country and come to Australia so we want to see you succeed, not only for you but also your family!

To register, apply here today!

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