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Will I be able to call my home and how much will it cost?

published: March 12th, 2010 | category: FAQ, Other issues during Pre Registration Course (CBAP)

Answer: Phone calls by mobile phone in Australia are expensive, both locally and overseas

We will set you up with a new sim card (you will be required to provide the phone), that will allow you to call your fellow students for almost no cost.

Calls to other networks not covered by Optus (the phone company we use) will cost you money.

Overseas calls are best made by purchasing phone cards ($10 for 60 minutes).

These cards require you to call from a local public or home fixed line, to take advantage of their cheap rate.

Our company uses phone cards to call overseas since they are so cheap.

Your parents and realtives can call you either on your mobile or the phone we have installed in your accommodation.

You pay us $4 per week each for this home service as part of your accommodation cost.

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