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What is the detail of my living costs?

published: March 12th, 2010 | category: Expenses during Pre Registration Course (CBAP), FAQ

Answer: Total living costs are $130 per nurse per week . These costs are specified in the services agreement, and an attached schedule gives you the detail;

  • Food & personal: $60 per nurse/week (includes all food and drinks, personal grooming & hygiene items, household items; toilet paper, soap garbage bags etc).
  • Transport: $20 per nurse/week (includes cost of local buses, trains on weekends for leisure and during weekdays for attending class, clinical placements etc).
  • Medical Services: $10 per nurse/week (includes cost of pharmacy items, doctor’s appointments. Most nurses do not need this much but if you have flu etc you will need to attend a medical centre. Serious illness or accidents will usually be covered by travel insurance).
  • Mobile Phone: $20 per nurse/week(includes cost of a new sim card ($30), and calls to other phones. All calls to your fellow nurses will be free if called on same network. Calls to overseas are expensive and not included. Calls to India can be made using a $10 phone card (60 mins of call time to India), and calling on home phone. Calls to other networks will usually cost from $0.34 to $0.50 per 30 seconds.
  • Entertainment: $20 per nurse/week (includes cost of movies, amusement parks, meals etc).
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