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What is the detail of my accommodation costs?

published: March 12th, 2010 | category: Expenses during Pre Registration Course (CBAP), FAQ

Answer: Total accommodation costs are $200 per nurse per week . These costs are specified in the services agreement, and an attached schedule gives you the detail;

  • Weekly rent :$156 per nurse/week (includes furnished accommodation, shared room);
    • In Sydney you would normally pay $300/week for similar accommodation.
  • Phone Calls: $4 per nurse/week (this is cost of using the phone in the accommodation premisies for local calls only and does not include the cost of mobile calls or long distance calls).
  • Utilities:$16 per nurse/week (includes cost of services; water rates, electricity, Gas, billed to accommodation premises, in many cases this will not pay all the bills, but you will not be billed for more).
  • Maintenance:$24 per nurse/week (includes cost of cleaning accommodation premises weekly by outside contractors, and maintenance that will be required from time to time on appliances, lights, garden, grass cutting etc. this is below what it will cost us).
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