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Could you please tell me the approximate amount of rental expenses, lease preparation fees and rental bonds for an accommodation?

published: March 12th, 2010 | category: FAQ, Relocation after Registration & Visa Approval

Depends on how you choose to live.

Most nurses share accommodation (after you pass the course) before their family arrives in Australia.

In this case the most you would pay would be $125-175/week for 2 nurses sharing accommodation.

If you have a place for just you and the family rent can be between $200-$350 depending where you live.

Sydney is more expensive than other cities and certain areas of Sydney are more or less expensive than other areas.

We have nurses in an exclusive area of Sydney paying $350 rent per week, and nurses in other areas pay $200 rent per week.

It will depend on where you work as to where you live.

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