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Our Success Stories

Nursing Careers Australia has helped nurses from all over India work and live in Australia. Feeling more like a family than a recruitment agency, we help our nurses with everything from travel permits and temporary accommodation to securing a job and finding a new home for their family.

This is what some of our recent graduates had to say…

Changing lives

Where Are They Now? Anu Thomas from Kerala

NAME: ANU ANN THOMAS (pictured left)
AGE: 24

“I really love Australian people – they are so warm and friendly – and the weather here is very comfortable. It already feels like home!” says Anu Anne, who is looking forward to finishing her post-graduate studies once she gets settled in her new job.

Anu says that the healthcare facilities in Australia are “much better than in India” and that the support system leaves her feeling safe and secure.

“Not only are nurses in Australia insured but also assigned a General Practitioner, which means a fast remedy if any problems arise” she says, adding that her goal is to be in an administrative post within the next few years. “The support is very, very good here.”

Describing Allan and Maria as feeling “just like foster parents”, Anu says that the team at Nursing Careers Australia has been with her “every step of the way”. “From the time I met Allan in India to taking care of all my documents when I arrived to finding me a great job in aged care, they have been true to their word – everything they have said they would do, has been done with genuine care and compassion.”

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Where Are They Now? RN Souya Scaria from Kerala

AGE: 26

Originally from Kerala, Souya says that Australia offers considerably more career opportunities for Indian nurses than her home country. “In India, once you start working in an area, it’s very difficult to move forward,” she says.

“However, in Australia, you can develop your skills and further your nursing career with different courses. I really feel that there are excellent facilities here and your career potential is unlimited.”

Apart from the “very friendly people” she has met in Australia, Souya is also appreciative of the ongoing support shown by Maria and Allan. “They have been with me each and every step of the way and I will never forget that,” she says with a smile.

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Where Are They Now: RN Saju Varghese from Delhi

AGE: 25

Initially introduced to Nursing Careers Australia by Titus George of Eben-Ezer Educational Institutions and processed by IITR in India, Saju (standing next to fellow nurse Lojin Urumese) says it has always been his dream to live and work in Australia.

“From the beginning when I started studying to become a nurse, I had a strong desire to come to Australia because I felt it was the best place to develop my professional skills,” says Saju.

“In India, nurses do not have the same amount of respect or responsibility as they do here,” Saju continues. “My ultimate goal is to reach my full potential, which is more likely to happen in the Australian healthcare system.”

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Nursing Careers Australia’s student house in Sydney

Here is Joicy, Joyal, Bijoy, Vipul and Rosemary relaxing at an apartment NCA uses to house students while they’re studying in Sydney. Conveniently located in the heart of Strathfield, which has a strong Indian and Asian community, this modern home includes the following features:

• Air conditioning and central heating
• Fully furnished 2-3 bedroom home
• Spacious kitchen
• Heated pool and hot tub
• Lock up garage
• Security with lift key and intercom on front gate
• Proximity to public transport
• Easy access to supermarkets
• Location to Indian grocery stores and Indian video store
• Close proximity to nearby restaurants
• Modern amenities such as dishwasher, fridge, microwave and gas oven
• Computer with Wi-Fi, Internet, printer, scanner and phone

“We also go furniture shopping with the nurses to help negotiate the best deals when they’re purchashing furniture and white goods like washing machines for their new home.

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Safe and secure accommodation in Australia for Indian nurses

Soon after the nurses arrive in Australia, NCA founders Allan and Maria Pitman travel from Sydney to Melbourne to talk through any individual concerns or questions they may have.

“Some of the nurses want to know more about the cultural differences between India and Australia while others are more interested in simply exploring the city of Melbourne,” Allan explains. “This is a great opportunity for us to get to know them so we take them out for dinner and celebrate what is the beginning of their new career in Australia.”

Allan and Maria then take the nurses to their temporary accommodation in the heart of cosmopolitan Melbourne. The modern hotel is conveniently located 10 minutes from their classroom and is a popular destination with travellers from all over the world.

“One of the first things we do when our nurses get off the plane is provide a new SIM card for their mobile and a phone card,” says CEO of Nursing Careers Australia, Alan Pitman. “This allows them the freedom to call family and friends back home who are understandably concerned when their loved ones move to the other side of the world.”
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Where Are They Now? RN Teena Thomas


Teena was recently asked to be a Care Manager, a position that holds more responsibility and administration duties. “My job involves organising family conferences, creating Care Plans, and conducting audits,” Teena explains. “I will also be helping train a new nurse who is arriving soon from the Philippines.”

“Working in aged care is certainly challenging but there is so much job satisfaction and you really feel as though you are doing something important,” Teena says. “Nurses are the ones who are responsible for everything and they make most of the day-to-day decisions. Also, as an RN in aged care, you are required to do a fair bit of management that involves giving duties to the assistant nurses, and working in close contact with the families of the residents.

Teena Thomas, who lives in southern Queensland with her husband Sam, says she has fallen in love with Australia and “never wants to leave”. “I have so many friends here – Indian and Australian – and we often organise social functions through work on weekends,” Teena says. “Sam was recently granted an Australian Visa thanks to Allan and Maria’s help so he will be arriving here soon and I cannot wait!”

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Where Are They Now? RN Vaishali Sharma


Registered Nurse Vaishali Sharma has been living in Australia for nearly two years with her husband Lokesh near Newcastle, just north of Sydney. “I really like the people here – they are so friendly and easygoing,” she says. Currently working at Bupa Cardiff, Vaishali and Lokesh are excited to be having their first child, which is due in May. “I don’t have any family living in Australia but have lots of friends, so we are looking forward to raising our family here,” she adds.

While Vaishali enjoys working in aged care, she is really looking forward to one-day working in the fast paced area of intensive care.

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Where Are They Now? RN Jijo Thomas


“The Gold Coast is such a beautiful place – I love living here!” says Jijo Thomas, who works as an RN at Bupa Merrimac. “I have been here for nearly a year and a half and enjoy the fact that in 15 mins you can be on the beach, or you can drive 30 mins in the other direction and you are in the mountains. Either way is just amazing.”

Jijo recently purchased a Honda Civic, which means he can explore his hometown, which is only a short drive to the New South Wales border. “Everyone is so welcoming and friendly so it is a really nice atmosphere to live and work in. On the weekends, I usually go out fishing with a friend who has a boat and another who has a jet ski. So we spend a lot of time on the water enjoying the sunshine and the sights,” Jijo says. “I also have a few friends from India here so we go out to various places – we recently went camping, which was a lot of fun.”

In addition to soaking up the exciting lifestyle the Gold Coast offers, Jijo also likes the responsibility and independence that comes with working in aged care. “Basically, you are left on your own to take care of the residents – which in my case is around 98 – so you are the person who is responsible for everyone’s health. It’s a huge responsibility but once you get used to it, you really start enjoying it.”

“The resident’s are always so happy to see you and when you come back to work after a couple of days off, they really miss you!”

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Vaishali with Sreeranjini and her husband Manoj

“I really like working in Australia’s aged care community because, as a nurse, you are given so much more responsibility than if you were in India,” says Sreeranjini Prabhakaran, who lives in the outer Sydney suburb of Greystanes with her husband Manoj. “Nurses are very supportive of each other, especially the management who are always ready to share their advice and experience – without getting angry or frustrated.”

When Manoj, who works as a chef in one of the areas top restaurants, and Sreeranjini have time off from work, they enjoy driving to one of the many scenic destinations near Sydney. “We often drive down the coast to Wollongong, or across to the Blue Mountains, which is only a short distance away,”

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RN Abishek Sharma

ABHISHEK SHARMA“I didn’t know anything about Allan till I came to Australia but soon realised that he is the best person to speak with if you are a nurse coming from overseas,” says Jaipur born ABHISHEK SHARMA who now lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughter. “Allan and Maria take a personal interest in each and every case. In fact, they treat me as if I were a son.

“Right from the very beginning when they come and pick you up from the airport, they are with you every step of the way. And I mean every step! They took us shopping, showed the road rules, how to withdraw money from ATMs and where to go shopping. They took us to college and introduced us to the teachers, and even introduced us to the neighbours. They did everything you could imagine to make us feel safe and secure. My wife, Sangeetha and I both have Allan’s mobile number and can call whenever we need advice or help with anything.

We recently bought a house in Narre Warren and our daughter is now six months old. I love everything about Australia – the weather, the people, and the country. Everything here is just so systematic and people are more relaxed here compared to India.”

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RN Sonika Jagde

SONIKA JAGDEV“Australia is a beautiful country and I really like the multicultural community, the climate, and the educational opportunities for nurses,” says SONIKA JAGDEV, who is originally from Tamil. “Thanks to Allan and Maria Pittman, I am about to start working at Bupa, which I am really looking forward to.They have been so helpful, right from the very beginning. They picked us up from the airport and provided us with very good accommodation. Allan takes us to see the hospitals while Maria show us different places, so they are very supportive. I am hoping to specialise in Neurology and look forward to my future in healthcare.”

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