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Our Success Stories

Nursing Careers Australia has helped nurses from all over India work and live in Australia. Feeling more like a family than a recruitment agency, we help our nurses with everything from travel permits and temporary accommodation to securing a job and finding a new home for their family.

This is what some of our recent graduates had to say…

Bridging Program graduates

Profile of an Indian nurse who recently graduated from a Nursing Careers Australia bridging program

more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse


RN Amilin Pramila Chellapparaj has more than 12 years experience as a Registered Nurse – including five years in Oncology – working in her home country and the Middle East. The mother-of-two was introduced to Nursing Careers Australia through India International Technical Recruiters (IITR) and is currently looking for work having successfully completing her Bridging Program.

“Nursing Careers Australia helped me from the application process right through to obtaining my Visa,” Amilin explained. “In fact, all my documents were in Arabic as I had been working in Kuwait, so Allan Pitman helped me translate them to English. “This enabled me to get the necessary documents in on time, and finish the Bridging Course on time,” she said. “I feel prepared and ready for employment.”

Amilin said she moved to Australia in order to fulfil her lifelong goal to work in Oncology. “When I was working in India and the Middle East, I did not have any opportunities to do further studies to be an Oncology Nurse,” she said. “It is my dream to improve my career in this area and Australia will enable me to do that.”

Overseas nurses like Amilin often talk about the frustration that comes from the limitations of working as a Registered Nurse in India. “When you start as a Grade-1 nurse in India, you have to stay there for 10-15 years – there is no career growth and you are not allowed to make any clinical decisions,” she explained. “Nurses working in Australia have more independence in clinical decision-making – we can decide on our own and we can treat our patients on our own. The scope of practice is much smaller in India,” she said. “Even for a simple thing, you have to contact the doctor and they have to do the treatment. It is very frustrating.”

Nursing is considered a respected profession in Australia, with RN’s encouraged to pursue career goals with further training. “When I was doing my Bridging Program as well as my clinical placement, I was really feeling so much amazed as nurses in Australia are so independent and given so much respect,” Amilin said. “In many places, nurses are not respected but it’s so different in Australia. This makes me so excited to work in Australia,” said Amilin.

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RN Pompy Bose promoted to Acting care Manager

RN Pompy Bose started work as a Registered Nurse two years ago with one of Australia’s largest healthcare companies. NCA found her the job in Rosemore, which she describes as the “epitome” of a positive and healthy work environment.

NCA also helped to improve Pompy’s communication, cooperation and leadership skills, and encouraged her to take on more job responsibility. This resulted in enormous praise from her employer and Australian colleagues.

Pompy is considered a “star performer” and was quickly promoted to Acting Care Manager. We are in the process of helping Pompy secure a permanent residency visa. Her future looks very bright!

Australia has enormous career opportunities for Indian nurses – read about them here.

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Guaranteed job placement after graduation

Here is Maria Pitman from Nursing Careers Australia explaining the program to Shiny Kalan Varghese (left) and Sheni Joy (right) during our July visit to Cochin, India.

Sheni was forced to return to India after graduation as her previous agent would not help find her a job. Two short months after this meeting, Nursing Careers Australia found Sheni a position with Bupa Care, one of the world’s largest healthcare groups. Sheni is in the process of relocating to Adelaide to start her exciting new position.

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RN Jessy Simon

JESSY SIMON“The process of moving to Australia was much quicker than I expected – I approached Maria and Allan in late February and found myself in Australia three months later,” says JESSY SIMON from Bangalore. Allan and Maria treat me like family and I can call them anytime if I need advice. I am very happy living in Australia and love how everything is so organised; you don’t have to wait days and days if you want to get something done!”

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RN Priya Kurian

PRIYA KURIAN“I have had so many wonderful experiences in Australia and have had great feedback about my work,” says PRIYA KURIAN who was born in Terala. “There are quite a few Indians here and I don’t even miss my home. After one year of work with Bupa, I am going to apply for a Master in Psychiatry. I am grateful to Allan and Maria for always being there for me when I need them.”

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RN Teena Thomas

TEENA THOMASAfter seeing an advertisement in the paper about working in Australia, Delhi based nurse TEENA THOMAS went to a seminar hosted by Careers International in February 2008.”They showed a video of all these nurses and their positive feedback of their experiences was quite convincing,” Teena recalls from her new home in Toowoomba, Queensland, home of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. “The fact that these nurses had come from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) College of Nursing meant that they were reputable testimonials.”Already equipped with two years nursing experience and the necessary prerequisites, Teena filled out the paperwork and soon found herself on a plane to Australia.

“When you’re going to another country you wonder how you are going to cope but Allan and Maria really take care of you,” she says. “There are so many agencies in India that just desert you once you arrive in Australia but Nursing Careers Australia is like a family.”

One of the first things Teena noticed while working in the Australian medical system is how much nurses are respected. “Unlike in India, nursing is a highly reputable job – here you earn respect and good money,” says Teena, who now works as a Level 2 RN at Bupa aged care facility.

Teena is so happy with her decision to move to Australia that she is planning to get married here next year. “My fiance is currently in the UK but is hoping to come here so we can settle down,” she says, clearly besotted. “I really love this place.”

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RN Anupriya Masilamani Duraiswamy

ANUPRIYA MASILAMANI DURAISWAMYOriginally from Bangalore, ANUPRIYA MASILAMANI DURAISWAMYhas created a new life for herself and her family thanks to the support from Careers International.Since graduating in April 2009, Anupriya is working as an RN in Melbourne with Bupa, and settling into a new home with her husband and young son. “The facilities are beautiful and it’s a nice place to work – I am very happy,” she says with great satisfaction.”What I love about Australia is that it is so multicultural,” Anupriya continues, “and there are so many people from India who live here.”Job satisfaction rates high for Anupriya, who says that nurses in Australia enjoy greater responsibility and respect than in India. “At first I wasn’t used to making my own choices as doctors in India make all the decisions, even for simple situations.”

As an RN, Anupriya is in charge of the floor and is responsible for delegating jobs to numerous staff underneath her. “That would not be possible if I was working in India,” she says.

Anupriya and her family live in quiet, leafy suburb just a ten-minute walk from work. “We were able to enrol my son in the local school after ten days of arriving in Australia, and find a job for my husband where I work so everything has worked out beautifully.”

According to Anupriya, this has all been made possible because of the support from Allan and Maria, who not only helped her family find a home but also furnish it with everything they needed. “Allan is like our father,” she says.

“When we first arrived they would call almost every day to help us settle, and they even came to help us buy furniture. I don’t believe that you would get that kind of support from other agencies.”

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