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Relocation after Registration & Visa Approval

Question: RN Teena Thomas is now an Australian Citizen!

recently granted Australian Citizenship!

RN Teena Thomas and her young family are celebrating a major milestone after she was recently granted Australian Citizenship! “Australia is our home so my husband Sam and son Jeremy are all very excited,” she said. “Before I used to feel like a foreigner but now I feel like part of the community.”

Born in Ernaluman, Kerala India and now living in Toowoomba in southern Queensland, Teena has achieved great career success since moving to Australia with Nursing Careers Australia in February 2008. In addition to working in aged care, the talented RN also works in one of the state’s busiest hospitals.

“There is so much job satisfaction and opportunities to study and develop your career, something that is not possible but in my home country,” Teena said. The next big goal for Teena and Sam is buying a home. “This is something we are really excited about,” she said.

Follow more success stories of overseas nurses living and working in Australia with Nursing Careers Australia here. 

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Question: The facts about 457 visas

Myth: The Australian Government wants to stop overseas workers taking Australian jobs.

Fact: Any changes to the 457 Visa System is Australia are designed to:

  • Ensure the rights of sponsored workers
  • Impose obligations on sponsors to ensure that sponsored workers are protected and that the program is not used inappropriately
  • Enable monitoring, detection, deterrence and enforcement in relation to any inappropriate use of the program

Fact: Nurses with 457 Visas remain on the critical shortage list in Australia AND remain in high demand.

Read here about the exciting career opportunities for overseas nursers working in Australia.

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Question: what will be my approx. salary once i starts working.

Answer: see attached-depends on you level, which we have not worked out yet but the attached will give you an idea based on your 3.5 years of work as a registered nurse you may be year 5-6 salary ranges for year 4 $54000-$70000 depending on shifts you work maybe more unlikely to be less than $54,000
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Question: When you came to cochin and did brief us you said , the nurse will get a job offer before she leaves india. But now in the contract it doesn’t mention the same.

this is a services contract
there is a different contract for employment
between you and employer
we can’t guarantee a job, but no one has left india without one
we will be conducting interviews soon.

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Question: May i know under what all circumstances the cbap provider doesn’t enroll the nurse and the nurses registration board refuses to register the nurse?

If they fail cbap or committ a crime etc.

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Question: is my airfare (india to australia), medical and xray in india for immigration and 456 visa included in $17968?

Answer: medicals xrays, airfares no!
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Question: Is there any hidden charges other than $ 17968, which I have to pay other than, increased charges by key external providers?

Answer: None that i know of and we have been doing this for 3 years
we don’t operate like that.

only possible extra expenses would be ones you decide you need but don’t help you in becoming registered such as computer, plasma tv airplane, car etc.

we want you to be registered, and employed , that’s our focus

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Question: Approx. in how many months after the CBAP program will he be able to join me?

usually 4-8 weeks
the approval for you is 1-2 weeks
your family4-8 weeks
the immigration dept wants to get you earning money as quickly as possible.

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Question: If I am married after I start work how will my husband be able to migrate to Australia?

Coming soon…

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Question: If I have to pay for my spouse’s visa how much is the amount?

Answer: $1060, they can be on the same application as yours. If you add them later it will cost more. We quote a Visa fee of $800 in the total services contract, and this means we pay this for you once you have paid the full amount of the services contract. This fee is paid to DIAC. Everybody who applies for a work visa pays this fee no matter who they are. You do have to pay for your families’ airfares and relocation costs when they arrive. By this time you will have earnt at least $4000-$10000 depending on when they relocate.
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Question: Is it a family visa? Do I need to apply myself, for another visa for my spouse?

We do it all for you, It is one application for you and your family.

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Question: After completing the CBAP program how much time will take before you are granted a working visa work visa?

Answer: Usually 2-4 weeks. If possible, we apply for your working visa before you finish your course so we save processing time this way. The department of immigration (DIAC) cannot approve the visa until they have your registration certificate
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Question: Could you please tell me the approximate amount of rental expenses, lease preparation fees and rental bonds for an accommodation?

Depends on how you choose to live.

Most nurses share accommodation (after you pass the course) before their family arrives in Australia.

In this case the most you would pay would be $125-175/week for 2 nurses sharing accommodation.

If you have a place for just you and the family rent can be between $200-$350 depending where you live.

Sydney is more expensive than other cities and certain areas of Sydney are more or less expensive than other areas.

We have nurses in an exclusive area of Sydney paying $350 rent per week, and nurses in other areas pay $200 rent per week.

It will depend on where you work as to where you live.

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