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Frequently Asked Questions

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Other issues during Pre Registration Course (CBAP)

Question: Will I be able to call my home and how much will it cost?

Answer: Phone calls by mobile phone in Australia are expensive, both locally and overseas

We will set you up with a new sim card (you will be required to provide the phone), that will allow you to call your fellow students for almost no cost.

Calls to other networks not covered by Optus (the phone company we use) will cost you money.

Overseas calls are best made by purchasing phone cards ($10 for 60 minutes).

These cards require you to call from a local public or home fixed line, to take advantage of their cheap rate.

Our company uses phone cards to call overseas since they are so cheap.

Your parents and realtives can call you either on your mobile or the phone we have installed in your accommodation.

You pay us $4 per week each for this home service as part of your accommodation cost.

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Question: Will I be able to visit a church of my religion?

Answer: There are over 200 religions represented in Australia, and churches or places of worship to represent every religion.

We will identify the location of these for you and give you directions on how to visit these.

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Question: What can I do in my leisure time?

Answer: You won’t have too much spare time due to study demands; however on weekends you will have time to see the sights.

Most nurses spend time going to church, seeing the cities, and seeing friends they may have in Australia.

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Question: What type of entertainment is available in Sydney and other cities?

Answer: There is at least one Indian restaurant in each suburb of the major Australian cities, and in many cases more.

The major cities have many sightseeing attractions which are either free on reasonable priced.

All suburbs have large movie complexes with the latest movies.

Video rental stores will provide you with movies from your own culture.

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Question: Will I be able to buy food from my country?

Answer: Australia has 43% of its population either born overseas or a parent who was born overseas making it the most multicultural country in the world today.

Consequently a large variety of restaurants and food stores cater for these different cultures.

In particular there are Asian and Indian grocery stores in nearly every suburb and we will provide you with the location.

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Question: How will I travel to work and for shopping?

Answer: You will most likely be within walking distance or a short ride on public transport from major shopping centres and your work.

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Question: Is there public transport and what does it cost?

Answer: You will be located close to bus and or train transport which runs frequently and is reasonably priced.

Train and bus tickets cost between $3 and $5 per trip depending on the destination and distance.

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Question: What happens if I get sick during the course?

Answer: Your accommodation will be located close to medical facilities, and hospitals. The first option is to see a doctor (GP), who will refer you to the appropriate specialist, or hospital. Hospital casualty services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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Question: Do I have to take care of my food – at class, in clinical work, and other times?

Answer: There will be cooking facilities in your accommodation and you are expected to purchase food (with the money we give you each week) and cook for yourself, or as a group.

Most nurses prepare food for their lunches and take this to class and clinical postings.

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