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Frequently Asked Questions

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Competency Based Assessment Program (CBAP)

Question: How do I enrol in a CBAP Course?

Answer: Contact Nursing Careers Australia and we will first assess you, and then advise you on the best course of action.

Once agreed and decided and you have entered our programme we will apply for registration and ultimately enrol you in a CBAP course if required by the State Nurses Board.

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Question: How are Nurses Assessed in CBAP Courses?

Assessment is evidence based

Key elements in the assessment model include:

  • Self-assessment by the nurse candidate
  • Observation by the assessor of the nurse candidate.
  • Interviews by the assessor with the others: peers, persons receiving nursing care, supervisors.
  • Analysis by the assessor of all relevant documentation: care plans, patient charts and notes

Sources of evidence may include:

  • Observation of performance
  • Audit of documents such as care plans and clinical records
  • Interviewing of the nurse candidate to reveal intentions and attitudes
  • Interviewing colleagues and persons receiving nursing care.
  • Testing (for example drug calculations, written assignments, multi choice questions)
  • Examining records of previous achievements
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Question: What is the duration of CBAP Courses?

Answer: Courses range from 8 to 12 weeks in duration.

Some universities conduct 6 and 12 month courses.

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Question: What other courses are available that leads to Australian registration?

Answer: Graduate entry courses, where available, may provide recognition for students’ prior education.

These courses will normally take 3 years to complete, unless you are able to claim exemptions for some subjects.

Applicants with prior education in nursing or midwifery may be able to obtain significant recognition of prior learning, depending on factors including the extent to which the breadth and depth of content in prior studies are similar to the curriculum of a recognised course.

Decisions about exemptions will be made by the universities based on your past nursing education and experience.

Nursing Careers Australia can provide a list of recognised courses.

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Question: When can I undertake this CBAP Course?

Answer:Places in assessment programs may be limited and, as an alternative, applicants may undertake a course which is recognised by the Board to lead to registration enrolment, as applicable.

Nursing careers Australia is able to enrol you in a course quickly, when under normal circumstances you may have to wait up to 18 months.

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Question: Where will the assessment take place?

Answer: The assessment is undertaken in the State where you applied, and an appropriate visa for Australia will be required.

Assessment takes place in Board approved classrooms, Nursing laboratories and hospitals.

The institution conducting the assessment program may have other entry requirements.

If there are additional requirements you will be advised at the time of referral to the assessment program.

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Question: Who is required to Undertake CBAP?

Answer: Nurses who have undertaken nursing education in countries outside Australia.

Australian nurses who have retired but wish to return to practice.

Nurses who are required to show they are fit to continue working.

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Question: Why am I required to undertake this course if I am already registered as a nurse?

While some applicants may be able to obtain registration or enrolment on the basis of their education and experience, many applicants are required to demonstrate competence and safe practice.

This is done by your successful completion of an assessment program for nurses or midwives.

If the Board requires you to complete this assessment program, you will be referred to the program and be issued a letter from the Board.

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Question: How will I be assessed in these courses?

Answer: All Australian nurses are assessed based on the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) National Competency Standards.

Competence is defined by the Australian Nursing Council (ANC) as:

“The combination of skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, and abilities that underpin effective performance in a professional/occupational area”.

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Question: What is a Competency Based Assessment Program (CBAP)?

Answer: State Nursing Boards have approved courses which assess the competency of nurses to practice.

These courses are sometimes referred to as “Pre-Registration Programmes” or “Bridging Courses”.

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Question: Will I need to complete a Competency Based Assessment Program/Bridging Program?

Please speak with us directly regarding these programs so that we can provide you with accurate information.

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