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Australian Nurse Registration

Question: How to become a Registered Nurse in Australia

Becoming an overseas-qualified nurse working in Australia, like Asha Rajan pictured here, depends on a number of important factors, including:

  • The country where you undertook your nursing education
  • The nursing college/university you attended
  • Your nursing qualifications and experience
  • Your English Proficiency Level (Academic IELTS individual band scores of 7.0 or OET B in every band

For overseas nurses, registration can be a process based on verification of documents, such as:

  • Your identity: Passport & Birth Certificate
  • Your Nursing Education: Bachelor of Nursing or BSc in Nursing
  • Evidence of Registration as a Nurse in your home country
  • Your Nursing work experience
  • English Language proficiency: IELTS 7.0 all modules
  • Evidence that you have undertaken Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the last 12-months

Nurses who were educated in countries not recognised by Australian authorities will be required to undertake an accredited bridging program of a 12-week duration in Australia. There are a number of accredited bridging programs available in Australia but the Universities are preferred because they are the institutions that train Australian nurses in the Bachelor of Nursing.

These programs are also preferred by Australian Employers as their nurses graduate “employment ready”. Nursing Careers Australia submits your application for registration to AHPRA and, if successful, enrols you in the appropriate University Bridging Program.

To find out more about this process, and how Nursing Careers Australia help overseas-qualified nurses successfully apply to AHPRA and enrol you in an approved University Bridging Program, register your interest here.

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Question: What type of conditions will be imposed?

Conditions can include;

  • Completing English Language testing to achieve the required score.
  • Presenting original documents to verify your English proficiency.
  • Undertaking a Competency Based Assessment Program (CBAP) in Australia.
  • Undergoing additional training.
  • Other conditions depending on your application.
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Question: Once I am accepted for registration, what is the next step?

Answer: Approval of your application for registration may be conditional, that is you will be required to satisfy several conditions before you are given an Authority to Practice in any Australian State.

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Question: Why is time so important in applying for Australian nurse registration?

The Australian requirements for overseas nurses are changing frequently, and always becoming more difficult for overseas nurses to achieve.

As an example recently NSW State Nurses Board changed the following;

  • No longer accept Diplomas in Nursing awarded in most countries.
  • Will only accept BSc degrees from recognised universities.
  • Have changed the English requirement to 7.0 in every band.

Not applying quickly, or being delayed in your application, may cost you the opportunity to ever become an Australian nurse.

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Question: How long will it take if I apply thru Nursing Careers Australia?

Answer: Between 6 -12 weeks if you have the correct documentation
We will ensure you have the appropriate and correct documents

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Question: Why can’t I apply for registration independently on my own?

Answer: You can, and some do, but it will take longer, up to 18 months

In addition you not be successful, if you don’t understand what the Boards are looking for, they can be very particular about their requirements.

In addition the regulations and rules are changing every 6 months and if you are not aware of these changes your application will fail.

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Question: If I apply for registration will I be guaranteed registration?

Success in registering with a State Nursing Board will depend on how well you meet the standards above.

No one can guarantee you registration until the State Nurses Board assesses your identity, education and registration documents.

Barriers to registration include;

  • Failure to establish your true identity with government sourced documents
  • Ceremonial marriage certificates, birth certificates in a language other than English are some examples of documents not accepted.
  • Changing names, abbreviating names, without government documentation support is a significant problem.
  • Inadequate documents used as proof of nursing education, registration, English language ability.
  • Failure of Australian authorities to recognise your nursing school or degree.
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Question: How will I know if I can be registered by a State Nursing Board?

Careers International will give you a full assessment of your prospects and advise you on what course of action to follow.

In some cases this may involve;

  • Applying immediately for registration
  • Undertaking English language tuition and exams
  • Changing nursing jobs in order to gain appropriate experience
  • Undertaking a longer degree course such as a BSc in Nursing.
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Question: How do the Nurses Boards of Australia decide if they will register me?

Standard 1; Applicant has completed a nursing or midwifery program assessed as being comparable to education in Australia at the time the course was undertaken, leading to a license/eligibility/registration to practise.

  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authorities (NMRAs), with the exception of NSW, have assessed nursing qualifications obtained in one of the following countries as being adequate for the purpose of registration as a nurse.
  • Applicant has completed an education program leading to registration/license/eligibility as a nurse in one of the following countries:
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
    • The Republic of South Africa
    • The Republic of Ireland
    • Singapore
    • United States of America
    • Hong Kong
  • EU member states where the nursing education meets the EU directive 77/453
  • Proof of English language competence is required from applicants who completed their nursing course in one of the following countries
    (refer Standard 6):

    • The Republic of South Africa
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick

Standard 2; An applicant, who does not meet Standard 1 requirements, may be assessed as eligible for registration if they successfully complete an assessment of competence sometimes called a bridging or pre registration program.

Standard 3; Applicant provides evidence of registration in an overseas country

Standard 4; Applicant provides evidence of experience as a registered nurse withing 5 years prior to the application.

Standard 5; Applicant’s true identity is established

Standard 6; Applicant meets English language proficiency requirements as determined by the state registration Boards policy.

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Question: What is the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council Incorporated (ANMC)?

The ANMC is a peak body established in 1992 to facilitate a national approach to nursing and midwifery regulation.

The ANMC works with state and territory Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authorities (NMRA) in evolving standards for statutory nursing and midwifery regulation.

The ANMC does not have the power to register nurses.

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Question: What do I do if I want to be registered in more than one state/territory?

Between all states and territories in Australia, there is an agreement called Mutual Recognition Legislation.

What this means is, that once you are registered in one state or territory, the process is simplified to gain registration in another state or territory.

Yes -You can hold registration in more than one state or territory at any given time.
Between New Zealand and Australia (except WA), there is an agreement called Trans -Tasman Mutual Recognition Legislation.

What this means is once you have gained registration in Australia, you can gain registration in New Zealand (and vice versa) through a simplified process.

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Question: How do I become registered as an Australian Nurse?

Answer: An application is submitted to one of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

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Question: How many State Nursing Boards are there in Australia?


There is one Nurses Registration Authority in Australia. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia offices are located in each state.

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Question: Is registration as a nurse in Australia necessary?

Answer: Every nurse and midwife is required to obtain registration and maintain a current practicing licence (authority to practice) in order to work in Australia as a Registered Nurse /Registered Midwife.

In Australia, registration is granted by each individual state and territory Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authority (NMRA).

To register you will need to contact the Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authority in the state/territory in which you would intend to live and work or Nursing Careers Australia, and we will advise you.

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